YOU REA GUAN, The Emperor of the Korean Restaurant.

Like its slogan, you can feel as if you were sent back in time to the series of Dae Jang Geum’s period in history. This authentic Korean restaurant is located in the heart of the Sukhumvit area where consists of two main buildings. One building is formal, exclusively for VIP guests and business groups, which they need to order the set menu in advance. The other two-story building is available for a BBQ style on the bottom, while the second floor is equipped with 13 private rooms.

Once you sit down at the traditional Korean restaurant, the first thing they serve is Banchan, or side dishes. You Rea Huan provides them homemade with good quality and fresh ingredients. Besides Kimchi, there are various selections rotated daily. The uniqueness of the Kimchi at this restaurant is the customization of the ingredients to local as we can see from shredded green papaya Kimchi and also fresh Kimchi made without fermentation process.


The best of Korean cuisine are recommended as follows;

1. Ku jol pan: This delicate dish was served the emperor in the ancient time, yet it has been created as a starter with its beautiful decoration especially a green pancake-like made with pandan leave which is unlike other restaurants. This menu is somewhat healthy and tastes well with its special sauce.


2. Japchea: The healthy dish for people who love to eat clean as it is cooked without fried. The main ingredient is the Korean vermicelli which is crunchy mixed with mushroom, vegetables and topped with shredded fried eggs.


3. Korean Sushi with mix vegetables: Unlike Japanese Sushi, the Korean one is stuffed with vegetables and tastes very good with its dipping sauce.


4. Samgyetang (Chicken Ginseng Soup): A traditional soup is especially for winter season as it is served in a hot stone bowl. You can taste a neutral flavor as if you had in Korea. Boiled chicken in clear soup filled with sticky rice, Ginkgo and red date are a good combination of selecting the best and healthy ingredients.


5. Bibimbap (Rice topped with vegetables and flying fish roe, served in hot stone pot): A signature Korean dish which the word literally means “mixed rice”. The red sauce called Gochujang at this restaurant is one and only recipe which makes this dish more flavor when blended well with the rice and a raw egg as well as sliced meat. The fun part is to stir together thoroughly just before eating.


6. Sundubu jjigae (Seafood Spicy Soft Tofu Stew): A jjigae in Korean cuisine means Korean stew. This hot and spicy soup is very palatable among Thai people as it is more or less the same taste to Thai soup. We do recommend this kind of hot Kimchi soup served with a bowl of rice.


7. Korean BBQ: The most popular BBQ buffet on charcoal grill served unlimited good quality of different kinds of pork. Every dish of meat is well selected and also marinated with the secret sauce recipe. The price for pork buffet is 349++ and beef buffet is 599++ which are value for money you paid in exchange of superb meat, side dishes and also fresh vegetables for wrapping.


8. You rea guan’s tofu in fresh milk with fruit salad: The restaurant’s famous dessert which is not too sweet and has a nice smell of low fat fresh milk. It is also available on shelf of leading supermarkets.

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