White Haven Beach – Am I in heaven?

It was an advertising sign on a bus stop in Sydney that inspired me to have an unforgettable trip to White Haven beach, and the most important part was that it was there that I traveled by host network for the first time.

After I saw Hamilton Island on that poster, my heart kept on asking me, when and how can I make this trip? Later on I found out that Hamilton island was not as good as I expected , just because you could flew to the airport on that island. So it is a hub to explore the stunning Whitsunday islands group.

Another important information I found was that If I want to buy a tour package , it would cost me around $1,500 for just five days trip. How could I afford it if I want to travel at least like a month?

There is a will , there is a way!

The spirit of long term traveling with a desire of exploring leaded me to the solution. The answer was popped on my mind about the website ; www.helpx.net , which I have heard about it from a Thai couple whose I met on the line of applying working holiday visa in Thailand.

I have to save money for a long term trip by traveling and working at the same time. It must be exciting and would let me learn a lot. That what I was thinking.


Finally here I am in Airlie beach , the inland hub to The Whitsunday islands. After I was shocked by a very nice greeting by my first host , Lyn. I did realized how lucky I am to stay with Lyn.

In exchange of some light works and nice smiles , on the sunny day I could take a day off to the place I was looking for “White Haven Beach” which is one of the island under The Whitsunday.


I could even got a discount from a tour operator by Lyn’s connection. This trip to the island was not by a long tailed boat like I was familiar with. So the price is quite higher than the trip in Thailand , the price was about AUD$125( Australia ) instead of AUD$30 ( Thailand ).


I had met and made a lot of new friends. Many of them had been to Thailand before and gave me the same opinion that Thailand is super cheap. Thank you to let me know that I was not the only one who know that.


Alright there would be a waste of time to worry to much about the money you spend during traveling. I was sure that there would be a something good and worth for a visit , even the cost is a lot higher.

Here I am in the Whitsunday Islands National Park. I love that they set rules to protect the environment here , such as , there is a huge fine that you could not pay back if you take sand from here , and there is a limited of people who could visit this island for the same time.


We had a easy short nice walk from the side our small boat docked to another side passing though the bush on a small hill. There it was , I could noticed some superb view even I was not at the best spot lookout.


Here we were at the best spot lookout to the most beautiful view of beach “White Haven beach”


White Haven beach was ranked number one in my list of the most beautiful beach at my first sight.


How could we resist not to come to visit to the view like this. Even I did not have a good skill on camera. But I could take a nice picture as the view is already beautiful in itself.


You could not visit here by yourself. But to come here as a group that they arranged. This tour let us had a nice free time on the lookout about twenty minuets.


Then we went down to explore of what we had seen on the top which was very nice as well. There was only our group of about 15 people on this lonely beach.


You could swim or do whatever you want in this area for about an hour. I really love it and still remember that beautiful moment.


Good thing you could get from traveling alone was that you could make a lot of new friend. I met Katrina , the German exchanged student , on this trip.

White Haven in on my top list of my favorite place I have been and it would be hard to be beaten!


After finishing hang out on the beach , they would let you have a choice to snorkel or pay an extra for a short dive. I found out that corals around here were not beautiful at all. In my opinion snorkeling is a better ch

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