We had join , We had fun. We had seasoning in our mouth.

We had join , We had fun. We had cooked with a pleasure. As we stated that our Freestyle cooking group is for anyone who love to cook or want to learn how to cook. Our goal is to bring all the same liked minds together to enjoy our time of cooking . You don’t have to be a good cook or a chef to join our group.


This time was our second time of organizing this event. There are a lot of things we could learn from our mistakes. Here are what we learned.

- The fresh market that we designed to shop which is a local market near Sanseab river had not got all ingredients we needed. We wasted a lot of time as it started at 3pm. And we suppose to finish our event by 6 pm.

- The second place after Sanseab market that we went to shop was Max value. It had very few choices of selections. So we still need to find other places to buy all ingredients we wanted. We had to solve the problem quickly and it turned out that Petz had to take a motorbike taxi to find ingredients that were still missing.


- Petz went to a couple of places. And he had not had enough time to pick the best ingredients he wanted and it would be effected later on. But he found that the best place that had most of ingredients was food land. So we decided that next time we would started from there , not the fresh market.

- The Pad Thai dish that Petz thought it would be a highlight of this event turned out to be his disappointment. The noodle was too soft and the taste was quite plain. He got a secret recipe that he did it well in New Zealand. But it was not be written in exact quantity. So he used his feeling to decide how much each quantities and it was a big mistake. He learned that next time he have to do more homework.


- Chicken Tomyum was a mistake as well. We found out that the curry paste we bought had only 30 grams of the paste. But we need 50 grams. And we put 5 tomatoes instead of 2 which turned out to be a tomato soup , not a Tomyum soup.


Conclusion :

1. Ingredients is a very important factor of cooking.

2. We need to do a homework of exact amount of each ingredients. And we should plan more for the place to shop.

4. Panang curry turned out well as Petz has made curry many time. So he had got some experience of making it. But we could improve it as Petz notice that the pork is a bit hard. So next time we could do something to make pork more soften and it would make this dish even better.

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