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It was an omen again!!! I had lived in Australia for a year with working holiday visa. After I came back to Thailand. I felt like I could not go back to a shit payment routine job anymore! ( Australian minimum wage was 20$ per hour , Thailand was 10$ per day).

I brought back an idea to write a book about experience I had got from working holiday visa. It was in 2011 , there were few people in Thailand who knew about this visa. ( Thailand have a quota for only 500 people per year that could get this visa). And I knew that this visa was an awesome opportunity for young Thai to travel and make money at the same time.

I send my draft to some publishing houses. Most of them rejected it , but there was one who accepted my manuscript. That was how I entered the hard copy book business.

( my first book , Naked Sydney )
( my first book , Naked Sydney )

The book had done OK for the fact that the publisher published just only 2,000 copies. The best ranking it had was no.33 on the top SE-ED traveling chart. I got paid about 1,700 Dollars for my 9 months experience , and about 1 more year worked on it.

Hell no , I could not live with that very little money. So I had to figure it out the new way to live.


After I healed from disappointment. There was a new TV. project from Thaipbs Channel( Like BBC. channel ). It was opened for everyone who wanted to make their own show. There was one show of two young guys , who travel in a backpacker style , which inspired me. These two guys have done everything by themselves , from filming to editing. That fun nice show was impressed not only me but about other 135K Thais liked them on facebook.


I was shocked about the fact how easy it was to make one nice show. So I wanted to try to make a show , which would show Thai people about traveling by host networks. If it success I was sure that I could live my life as a dream “To traveling and making money at the same time”.


Again , I have done it with an zero experience , starting with knowing nothing about video camera. I have been to Malaysia , Singapore , Taiwan , and New Zealand to do this project. I have met many nice hosts who supported me and cooperated with me very well. As my project passed to the final round , I had a very good chance to be supported by many awesome tours.

But at last it was failed. I found out that editing the video was quite a hard process. That two guys , they have done and learnt how to make a movie for years. And they were two , but I was the only one who had done it on my own.

( put the video 30 Demo Final&Sub here )

( This is my edited video about the host network , which I hired an editor to do it for 700$. )


Again I was fail , this time I spent most of my saving about 7,000$ in total for the whole project. And I have no idea what would I do next. I was sad and depressed. Most of the time I went to temple , and a bookstore. Then the omen leaded me to MR.Adisak. After that I could work with Mr.Adisak who had more than 20 traveling guidebooks which many of them were at the No.1 nationwide chart.

Read full story on how my omen leaded me to him.

I still don’t give up for the TV. project. I believe I just have not found the missing part of the jigsaw yet. That most important part is the one who are willing to help me to do a post production job on videos. Maybe this website might bring that missing jigsaw to me. Who’s know?

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