Top 10 restaurants in Phuket.

My first job as a sale representative opened up my opportunity to travel all around the whole southern region of Thailand. For all 14 provinces , I love Phuket the most. The mix of convenient life style with pure nature convinced me to visit Phuket over and over again.

One of my important job that I have to do there was to find a nice restaurants for our big boss with some important clients. So I have been to quite some of restaurants in Phuket.

Here are my top 10 among hundreds of restaurants…..

This rank arranged by value of money you spend on each restaurants. If you don’t mind about the price , this rank might be changed.


1. Kruw Thammachat ( Natural kitchen ).


Opening : 10.30-23.30    Starter : $1.3      Average per person : $5               076-224287 , 076-214037         Location : 62/5 soi Putorn

I am quite proud that I found this place by myself , not from any recommendation. The first time I saw the front of the restaurant. It was like a big jungle among the city.

The food was impressive as well with a very friendly price! There are many Thai authentic menus but not many seafood choice. All foods are selected with freshness and all vegetables are organic.

2. Bangmud seafood.


Opening : 11.00-21.00    Starter : $5          Average per person : $15            080-5369802 , 081-5374227    Location : Leamhin peir.

The southern part of Thailand is a seafood paradise in which this part surrounded by Andaman sea and Thai gulf. Phuket is one of the province in the south. Even it is more expensive than other provinces in the south. But it is still cheaper than Bangkok and it is much more cheaper than in Western countries.


Locals knows that nice seafood restaurants are in Leamhin area. It is a bit hard to go there by a public transport. Picture above is the beginning of the sub road from the main road that you have to go until the end. Ask some locals , there are friendly and would be happy to help you.


At the end of the road , there is a pier which there are many boats waiting for customers as in a picture. It is free if you tell them that you want to go to Bangmud or Pare Kruwit restaurants which are a float restaurants in the middle of this bay.


More over than delicious fresh seafood , you could have a nice romantic view from the middle of the bay. Bangmud seafood is one of the most popular seafood restaurant in Phuket from their freshness and taste. It is guaranteed by many Thailand’ super star photos hanging on the wall. They came to eat at this restaurant. I am sure you won’t be regret.

Enjoy your meal!


3.Pare Kruvit.


Opening : 10.30-22.30    Last order : 22.00 Starter : $4      Average per person : $12            086-6870892 , 081-5374227                Location : Leamhin peir.

Not far from Bangmud , in the middle of the sea. There is another restaurant called “Pare Kruvit”

It has the same concept , fresh alive seafood with delicious taste. But the different here is that there are a set menus( 8 dishes) that you could order for 10 people and share the cost of $12 per head.


Barramundi , fresh from the sea!


4. Kaneng @ pier & Vset.


Opening : 07.00-23.00    Last order : 22.30 Starter : $4      Average per person : $17            076-381212 Location : Chalong bay.                 www.kaneang-pier.com

This could be the best fine dining restaurant in Phuket , where the nice view of Chalong bay meet the delicacy from the best chef in town. Kan eang @ pier has been opened for more than 40 years. There are many authentic local selective menus with lot of great seafood’s choices.


V-Set  ;  Opening : 07.00-23.00    Last order : 22.30 Starter : $7      Average per person : $27            076-381212 Location : Chalong bay                    www.vsetrestaurant.com

Connected to Kan Eang , there is a new modern style restaurant named “V-set” which is home of the best chef “Ronnie” who got gold medals three years in a row from World Association of Chefs Societies ( WACS). This restaurant was selected to be Thailand Tatler’s best restaurant 2011.

Foods here are Thai fusion style.


5.Leamhin seafood.


Opening : 10.30-22.00    Last order : 21.45 Starter : $2.7  Average per person : $13            076-239357 , 076-238156                Location : Leamhin pier.

One of the best 3 restaurant in Leamhin area. But this one is at the pier. You don’t have to get on the boat to the middle of the sea , in case you don’t want to get on the boat , this restaurant would be perfect for you!

Again fresh seafood with a very good taste. But this one has a taste of a bit more spicy like local style. You could tell them MAIPET(ไม่เผ็ด) which means not too spicy. They would cook a proper way to your Western tongue.


6.Thung ka coffee.


Opening : 10.30-22.00    Last order : 21.45 Starter : $2.7  Average per person : $13            076-239357 , 076-238156                Location : Khao rung viewpoint.

You could enjoy a nice view from the top with a cup of coffee or you could get seafood as well. But it would not be really fresh like restaurants in Leamhin pier.

Tunk Ka coffee is a nice restaurant on the top which has a nice proper coffee. You could sit and chill out for a while to enjoy Phuket city view with mountains and sea.


7. Ab saab


Opening : 10.30-22.00    Last order : 21.45 Starter : $2      Average per person : $7               076-618079 , Location : 242/9 Patong beach , on the hill from Patong to Kamala beach.(Left hand)

There were lot of models , stars , and celebrities from Hong Kong who came and ate at this place. So next time you might get a chance to ask for their autograph if you eat here.

If you miss Esarn food(Thai north east style) while you are in Phuket. Ab saab is one of the best Esarn restaurant in town. The location is very good , on the main road and has a superb view to the whole Patong beach.


Don’t forget to say hello to this little cutie doggie!

8. Kopi de Phuket.


Opening : 11.30-21.00    Last order : 20.30 Starter : $0.5  Average per person : $3.5           076-212225 , Location : 61 Phuket road

Looking for a place to chill out in the city? Kopi De Phuket is one of the best place that you could sit and enjoy a cup of coffee in just a dollar or two. Thai ice tea here has a secret recipe from a great great grand father!

There are some Thai and Chinese signature dishes that change every month here.


9. Mee ton poe(branch 3).


Opening : 10.00-20.30    Starter : $1.3     Average per person : $2.7           076-510708 , Location : There are 3 brnaches. BUt the branch that could use a coupon in my book is Branch 3.

One of the real local restaurant. Mee means yellow noodle. Mee ton poe is a fried noodle restaurant which the great great grand father immigrated to Phuket and brought this secret recipe to make the best fried yellow noodle in Phuket.

Most of Thai people who come to Phuket knows this restaurant. And it is very cheap for you. Come and try the local’s favorite noodle here.


10. Bunyarat Gold(branch 3).


If you read Thai history. You would know that there is a great number of Chinese who immigrated to Thailand for being a labor. Nowadays Thai people has mixed a lot with Chinese. Even I look really like Thai local. But my grand mother’s father is Chinese as well. Our nation adopt not only Chinese culture but also the cuisine.

Bonyarut gold is another good example one of Chinese cuisine from a great great grand father , about 100 years old. This dimsum restaurant has 3 branches as same as Mee ton poe. And if you ask the local for the best Dim sum. I am sure they would point you to this restaurant.

Only branch 3 that could use a coupon from my book.


My Phuket book.


My Phuket book is on the right hand side of picture. This book has not only traveling information but also many discount coupons.

There are 31 discount coupons which 28 of them have no expiring date. You could use it for hotels , cafes , and restaurants. The book is available in almost every book store in Thailand. Just show this picture to them and they would find it for you!

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