Top 10 restaurants in Bangkok-Medium range.

Thai food is one of the world’s most famous cuisines. I have just realized how lucky I am to have been born in this country so that I could enjoy eating my every meal. The thing that I miss the most when I travel the world is Thai food. That is how I became a cook.

If you have eaten at Thai restaurants in your own country, you might not have realised that Thai dishes in Thailand cost less than half of this. You would also have plenty more choices of restaurants here in Thailand.

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. It is centralized of everything , including plenty of nice restaurants serving delicious food, it’s quite tough to rank the top10 restaurants in Bangkok as there are actually several thousands of restaurants here.


Fortunately, I have lived in Bangkok for about ten years and as part of my job I have the opportunity to explore good food. As Bangkok is a very big city, there are not only good Thai restaurants but also many nice international cuisines are available as well. Here is my list of Top10 mid- range (average price is less than $15 per person ) restaurants in Bangkok.


1. Sushi Masa.

Average price; $12 pp.   Location: BTS Rachatewi, about 200 meters walk behind Asia hotel.

Open : 10.30-22.00        Starter : $1

This restaurant is always crowded as their marketing scheme is to spread the word by oral tradition (word of mouth) and they seem to have done a good job. The value of each dish is competitive compared with other sushi restaurants.

Recommended: Salmon Akami set $9, Shi Ra Sui Deluxe $14, Salmon roll $8, Kama Shio $10



2. Taksin Cuisine.

Average price; $8 pp.     Location : BTS Rachatewi, located in Co Co walk area opposite Asia hotel.
Open : 10.00-22.00, Saturday ; 17.00-22.00      Starter : $2.5
This is a Southern style Thai restaurant which has a good reputation for selecting only fresh and good quality ingredients. There are many kinds of vegetables that you could only find from the Southern parts of Thailand, and this place utilizes them all.
Recommended: Sea foods and Southern style Thai dishes.



3. Somtam Nua

Averange price ; $7 pp.   Location : BTS Siam exit 4 about 200 Meters into Soi 5.

Open : 10.45-22.00         Starter : $2

Papaya salad (Somtam) is one of the most popular and delicious Thai cuisines. Thai people love this North eastern style food and it is popular dish for those seeking low calories.

Somtam Nua got the Bangkok ‘Best Somtam’ award from CNN in 2010. So don’t be surprised by how crowded it is, with both Thais and foreigners. Don’t worry there is plenty of space on second floor, their capacity could accommodate about 250 people at the same time.
Recommended  : Somtam ( ส้มตำมั่ว ), Sweet and sour Fried fish ( ยำปลาทอด ) , Fried chicken ( ไก่ทอด )



4. Nara Thai Cuisine

Averange price ; $15 pp.   Location : BTS Chidlom , lower ground Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel.

Open : 11.00-21.30         Starter : $3.50

This place has modern decor but the distinct flavor of the food here remains traditional, and the service is good. The best thing you could find here is the Nara Thai ice cream, which is a coconut ice cream accompanied with loads of free toppings (as shown in the picture). Most of toppings include fruits such as Jack fruit or lychee, Coconut jelly, sweet corn, sweet sticky rice and other delightful extras which are a unique style of Thai sweet!

Recommend : Nara Thai ice cream is just $4


5. De Lounge

Averange price ; $12 pp.   Location : BTS Ploenchit exit4 , Ground level of Novotel Hotel.

Open : 09.00-01.00         Starter : $4

People love foods in Bangkok not only because of the affordable price of Thai dishes here but international cuisines have an amazing price in Bangkok too. De Lounge is a perfect example of this; here they have a curry buffet lunch on Friday’s which costs just $6.50 net plus free juices.

Happy hour is between 6 – 7 pm, when all cakes are on sale at half price and you should be able to find a nice one for just $2. The beer of choice is Heineken although a jug of Tiger will cost just $2 which is unreal! To top the night off there is also a free live trio band between 7 – 9.30 pm. All foods and drinks are hotel quality.


I am sure , it is the best for value!


6. Senor Pico

Averange price ; $19 pp.   Location : BTS Asok exit6 Sukumvit soi 18 walk about 10 minuites. This restaurant is in rembrandt hotel.

Open : 17.00-01.00         Starter : $8

There are only few Mexican restaurants in Thailand and Senor Pico is one of the best, guaranteed by ‘Best Dining’ Award 2013 and the long history of success of this branch for 17 years.
This restaurant is an exception of the limited price of $15 because the price $19 is a buffet lunch on Saturday during which there is a band playing where diners can enjoy dancing on the open floor.
There are about 50 selections on the buffet lunch menu that you could order, plus there are already cooked foods served with soft drinks that you can enjoy. You could also find quality Tequila, cocktails as well as mocktails for those don’t drinking alcohol.
If you want to eat Mexican food in Thailand.

This restaurant is one of the best!



7. Bourbon Street Bar & Restaurant.

Averange price ; $19 pp.   Location : BTS Ekkamai Sukumvit soi 63 walk about 10 minuites. The restaurant is on the left.

Open : 07.00-01.00         Starter : $4

Have you heard about American Cajun food? If you said no don’t worry, I hadn’t either until I went to this restaurant. The food here is fantastic with some spicy (not as spicy as Thai food) flavor which originally came from New Orleans, Louisiana in the deep south of the USA.
My favorite dish is Maple Pecan pie with ice cream. I love this sweet and keep coming back to have it over and over again.



8. Kalpapruek.

Averange price ; $13 pp.   Location : BTS Childlom Central World level 7

Open : 10.30-22.00         Starter : $4

This is one of the most well-known restaurants for Thai people. This restaurant was found by my grandmother’s generation and has served Thais for more than 38 years.

All the dishes have a real Thai taste with the best quality of ingredients, with the addition of the love of cooking which has been passed from generation to generation.



9. Leam Charoen Seafood.

Averange price ; $15 pp.   Location : MRT Paholyothin , level3 of Central Ladprao Plaza.

Open : 11.00-22.00         Starter : $3

Leam Charoen Seafood is one of the most popular chains of seafood restaurant in Thailand, which started in Rayong province more than 34 years ago.

If you want to eat some mouth watering seafood in Bangkok, Leam Charoen is smart choice for you.



10. Savoy.

Averange price ; $10 pp.   Location : MRT Samyan , level1 of Charm Churi Square Plaza.

Open : 11.00-21.00         Starter : $4

Savoy have been served for almost 40 years-older than me!   I love the freshness of the ingredients used here; the manager once told me that the fish is still alive before it’s cooked in the kitchen.

This restaurant boasts exclusive menus that you will struggle to find elsewhere; such as green curry fried barramundi fish with white noodle.

Foods here taste sublime with a wide selection of Thai, Chinese and Western dishes.



If you want to make the most of discounts for restaurants in this review, this book has 50 restaurants’ discount coupons that you could use throughout Bangkok. You can find this book in Book stores all over Thailand, just show the front cover to the shopkeeper. It’s only $7.

Other restaurants you might interested in.

- Manorah Royal Cuisine

     Manorah Royal Cuisine” by head chef , Thanawat Dullayateeraroj or Chef Wat , who had been to iron Chef competition twice and has been in this business for more than 20 years!

The amazing feature of this restaurant is that you could have a nice meal at a surprisingly affordable price! The starter menu cost just $4 and the lunch set menus for two people are only $6. It is unreal.


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