To be hosted by foreigners in your own country.

Have you ever dreamed of asking a stranger for a place to stay in your own country? Isn’t it a super weird situation?

Well, it really happened between me and Chris, the doctor.


I still remember the time I had no place to stay in Bangkok… At the time I lived in Nakhon Si Thammarat, in the south of Thailand, and I had to travel to Bangkok sometimes.

One day, the idea that I should try to contact a Couch Surfing host came to me! It was just a fun idea that I wanted to try, and I had nothing to lose. If it were a success, it would mean I could save money on accommodation and be in good company at the same time.

I already had some experience with C.S. so it was not hard for me to contact hosts but it was harder to get them to accept me, as most of them wanted to host foreigners, not a young, Thai guy.

After sending about 30 requests, I got a couple of replies and one of them seemed so cool! He was a doctor who had come to Thailand to study tropical diseases in Mahidol University, and he lived in the Victory Monument area (center of Bangkok)!

This is great, I thought – very good location, unique host, and all of it for free!

I ended up staying with Chris not only once, but about three times, when I came to Bangkok again and again. I was able to learn a lot about the medical profession, and I learnt that not all doctors are nerds! I met some of Chris’s friends who were doctors from Japan, South Korea, Uganda, England, Germany etc. We still hang out at bars sometimes.


Even though Chris’ room was very basic, I loved this unique experience so much. It was one of those unusual experiences that are hard to find.

Good luck on your path, Chris. I hope you keep on cycling and don’t forget to keep your journey posted!




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