The guy who started making money by traveling in his 40s.


–”Have you accumulated enough hurdles to experience the success?”

I am pretty sure that failures are the part of success. That is why I have a subcategory of success story as failure. And because of my failure of TV. project that leaded me to MR.Adisak.

For people who don’t know Mr.Adisak , he is a guy who looks very ordinary. The amazing story of him was that he started to travel abroad in his 40s by a reward trip from his agency company that committed the sale volume from Canon.


Since he traveled abroad about five times , he began to think that why don’t he make a traveling book instead of buying from the others. So he began to make his first traveling guidebook. But it was not a big success. He still didn’t give up and continued to make it more.

After he accumulated enough hurdles , his third traveling guidebook of Japan hit the number one list of the top100 traveling section of Se-ed book store. His life was never be the same.


I knew him by looking at that chart , wishing my first book(Naked Sydney) would go up to the top10. But the best rank my book got was ranked 33. Again I found out the new guidebook from Mr.Adisak went on the number one on the chart over and over. At last I had a chance to meet him and finally to worked with him.

If my Tv. project were not failed. I would never have met Mr.Adisak. So I want to share this story to anyone who just started your own journey of making money by traveling. No matter how old you are( I have another case that he had started to make money by traveling when he was 17. I will post it soon!) or what condition you are. If you have done enough failures , learn from it , and try hard to find the way out. The motto ” There is a will , there is a way” can still be effective.

Now Mr.Adisak has got more than 20 guidebooks available in bookstores all around Thailand. I have already asked Mr.Adisak’s permission to get some pictures and translate his facebook fan page of his trip around the world and post it here. If you want to see the original one you can visit.

Have fun and be inspired by another real traveler!

Here is his trip to Spain. ( There are a lot more countries that I will post it later)

17.1 17.2

Hola Espana Started at La Boqueria exploring the market with the crowded.

16.3 16.2 16.1

Barcelona on foot all day up to the top of the hill.

15.3 15.2 15.1

Arrived valencia , beautiful railway station closed to the stadium of bull fighting.

14.2 14.1

flamenco dancing in spain-The must see show when you come to Spain. I watched it at Flamenco Museun in Sebiya. The show available every day ; 19.00 pm. and 20.45pm. at Centro de Sevilla.



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