The good and the bad about Thai foods in Thailand.

Thai food is famous and super delicious! And when you visit Thailand , it seems to be you were in a food paradise. There are many choices of Thai food here and it is way too cheap compare with Western countries. So even you don’t go anywhere , only lay down on your hotel’s bed. You still get a nice experience from our nice and cheap foods in Thailand. Find out how cheap it is.

This could be the reason why many visitors keep coming back to Thailand.

But…as an idiom says “Every coins has two sides” Now you see the good side of foods in Thailand. How about the bad side? Have anyone told you about it?

Let’s find out the good and the bad side of foods in Thailand from the real local-Me!

This is Thai fast food style. We have many choices of already cooked dish , and we would eat it with rice.
This is Thai fast food style. We have many choices of already cooked dish , and we would eat it with rice.


1. Super delicious.


The good….

I have never got a homesick feeling when I travel. But the thing I really miss when I am away from home is Thai foods. I have tasted foods all over the world. But the mix of tastes and the delicacy of Thai food is hard to be beaten.

The reason that Thai food is really good might be a long history. As Thailand was established more than 700 years ago since Sukhothai period. If you read on our history. You would notice that we were not focus on science. All of the modern invention we imported from the Western or Japanease.

Our main focus always on the arts , poetry , and foods! That could be the reason why our foods are super delicious and have a various choices for you to select.


The bad….

The food shop owner focus too much about the taste. They don’t care about what they put in the foods at all. So many restaurant use a lot of MSG( Monosodium glutamate ) , which is not a good substance at all. Even some customers tell them not to put the MSG. in their cooking. But they still put it in anyway.

Way out….

If you mind the MSG. substance in foods , try to choose restaurant wisely. Some of them put the sign no MSG. in front of their restaurant. As they know that some people do care about it.


2. Super cheap


The good….

Guess how much does fresh sea foods of above picture cost? It was just only $50 in total and it was in Phuket-the most expensive city in Thailand. Sea foods is the most expensive dish here. But foods here is super cheap. So sea foods could cost only just $10 per person in some normal restaurants.

Other normal dishes like green curry could cost only $1.5 per meal. I know it is unreal compare to your world. I used to live in Australia for a year and know that foods in Thailand cost about five time or more cheaper than in Australia!   Click here to check out our price here.

The bad….


No standard      

The question is why foods in Thailand are super cheap? My answer number 1 is we have no standard to open the new restaurant at all. It is very easy to open a new restaurant in Thailand. You don’t have to send any document for an authority for an approval. All you need to have is just a mobile shop or kitchen , chairs , and tables for customers. That’s it!

The fancy nice restaurant is a bit more complicated to opened. But no one come to check your hygiene or your ingredients at all.

Some of my friends and relatives had a food poison in a nice restaurant. In USA. , they would cost a lot of money for this case. But here no one could sue in this case. Just wish you have a good luck for your next meal.

Way out….

I knew some of American friends who never eat out at street food restaurant. But I am not. I take a risk when I eat out. But I choose restaurants that I know that they could trust. It is not 100% grantee. But most of nice restaurants try to select the best fresh and clean ingredients to serve customer as they don’t want to have a bad reputation.

Another choice , the best choice , is that you cook at home. You would be super surprised that the number of Thai people who eat out is way much more than people who cook at home. As it is very cheap here to eat out , sometimes cheaper than to cook at home.

Behind the scence.

Another reason of the low cost of food here is that we imported labor from neighbor. Only few Thai people work as a kitchen hand or waiter. Most of this jobs are taken by Cambodian , Mynmars , and Laos. Their wage is very cheap(About $250 or less per month).


3. Many good ingredients


Yum yum yum! Thai foods are delicious and good for your health. Many of ingredients of Thai foods are herbs and it has low calories. For example , the picture above is papaya salad. Its ingredients are raw papaya , tomatoes , long green pea , fish sauce , peanut , dried shrimp , lemon juice , and palm sugar without any oil.

The taste is very good mix of many flavors. It is one of my favorites dishes. Other dishes like all of Thai curries have many herbs including in their ingredients.

The bad….


Many bad ingredients.

- triglyceride

Most of our fried stuffs at street food shops use a reuse oil. It has a triglyceride which is a really bad fat and could be a cause of cancer in long time term consumption.

- beta-agonist  

It was on the news that Thai farmers used substance in a group of beta-agonist to make their pork to have more red meat. So they could sell them in a better price. I know that some of meat shops still do this way.

It is hard to avoid this kind of stuff as we could not see it and our law to protect consumer is quite ineffective. So again pick the restaurant that you could trust or pray for the farmers to be less greed!

- Insecticide

Damn it! More over of a lot of chemical useage in our agriculture. Now it is insecticide. For this problem I have a very good way out. I always buy vegetables and organic product from Royal project shop that best guarantee the best quality products.

Royal project shop.
Royal project shop.

Formalin in seafood.    

Yes , they use formalin to make sea foods look fresh and could keep it longer to sell. I hate these greedy shopkeepers. But there is nothing I could do. The best way is try to buy new fresh sea foods directly from fisherman or in a super market that you could trust.

fresh fishes from fisherman!
fresh fishes from fisherman!

High sugar.

Buy some drinks in convenient store! Then you would know that we are a sweet tongue nation. Lipton ice tea in Thailand could be double sweet than the same brand in Taiwan. But you could turn this crisis to an opportunity by add water into your drink. This problem has an easy solution!

There are more problem of our foods in our country. But these are the main problem. Some of Thai people might hate me as they really care about their image. I was born in the Southern part of Thailand. But my mom raised me half Thai half Western style. So I don’t care much about the image. What I really do care is the truth. The truth that have not been told to foreigner at all. Even most of locals know it. But only a few would tell you about this. Because it is about our foods and that means the image of our country!

Here are lists of place you could trust fairly enough when you want to find foods to eat in Thailand…..

Manora royal Cuisine.

Flann O’biren.

Crepe & Co.

Terminal21 food court.

Sushi Masa


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