The Freedom of a One Way Ticket

Lovelyplanetz, is not just the name of our website and ‘our planet is not lonely anymore’ isn’t just the theme- I used this name because I don’t want to be the only one to contribute to the website. I have created this page for everyone to share their ideas, their advice and experiences, to come together and join in doing something to make our world a lovelier place…..   (but how can we do that???) 

Two nice people I have known for a while are Rosie and Claire. I met them through the Couchsurfing network and they have been abroad for over four years now. Their story is inspiring and they would like to share some of it with you.


Here is my first guest’s post by Rosie Stewart.

I left the UK with my partner in November 2011. It was the beginning of the worst winter for 20 years. On the morning of the big day we woke up to several feet of snow and a sky that told us it wasn’t going to stop any time soon. Our flight was delayed and as we waited in anticipation, we looked out onto the bleak white runway at our plane: Emirates flight number EK0434.

Our flight waiting for the all clear.


We had only known each other for 6 months when we went away, before that we were just two strangers in different places, trying to work out what we wanted to do in life. We took a risk, and it wasn’t long before we were excited beyond belief to be planning a trip which would change both of our lives, forever.

After much discussion, hours of internet surfing, consultations with numerous guide books and visiting almost every high street travel agent in search of the best deal, the whole thing began to feel a little overwhelming. It was Claire who made the first move; I received a text at work one afternoon, saying that she had just booked a one way ticket to New Zealand.

I’m grateful to this day that she did what she did, I fear that if she didn’t we’d still be stuck in the same jobs, sifting through mountains of brochures on our lunch breaks, fantasising about what could be instead of actually going out there and making it happen for real. Within a week I had booked my flights too and the feeling I felt was indescribable- the freedom of a one way ticket.

We flew out to New Zealand with 12 month visas and a few thousand pounds in the bank, and we didn’t look back. We quickly fell in love with the country and with our new life. We bought a campervan travelled the north island for the summer before taking the ferry to the south island for more epic adventures. We loved that van; our home on the road for some of the most amazing months our lives, it took us places we never would otherwise have seen.

The Camper! Aka Ralph


After 6 long and wonderful months travelling and 6 months of we couldn’t really call ‘working’, our visas were up and it was time to sell the van and think about the next step. It made it easier that we managed to sell the van and make a profit! We knew what we wanted to do next and it seemed like the best thing to do at the time, so we booked one way tickets to Brisbane Australia.


Wave House Studios, nr Margaret River
Wave House Studios, nr Margaret River


Australia welcomed us with open arms. We lived and worked there for 2 and a half years and the universe was very kind to us. We lived in Byron Bay, Melbourne and Margaret River, and we were lucky enough to find work in locations that we never would have dreamed of. We met some beautiful people, who we will call our friends forever and we had so many priceless experiences. We would happily class Australia as our 2nd home.


Street Art in Melbourne
Street Art in Melbourne


We find ourselves now 4 years later, working as English teachers based in ‘The City of Angels’ Bangkok, with our small but comfortable and incredibly inexpensive room in the heart of the city. I’m thinking as I write this how lucky we are, how diverse our life is, how I’m so happy with what we’ve achieved. I don’t think we could have done it any other way if it wasn’t for that one way ticket.

We’ve learned to take things as they come, and not to fixate on planning all the time, to see every place in a new light and take it for what it is. If you’re looking to travel and you’re up for a real adventure, I can definitely recommend just taking a risk and booking that one way ticket.



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