The cheapest movie in the world.

How much does the movie cost in your country?

Back in 2010 , I lived in Sydney and the movie cost $AUS10.

In 2011 I watched movie in Kuala Lumphur , Malaysia. It cost $5.

As far as I know , prices of movies in every corners of our world are rising up. But two days ago( 7/26/2014) , I still went for a movie which cost just $2.7 in Bangkok ,Thailand. And the quality was as same as in Australia and Malaysia!

Let’s find out where the cheapest movie in the world is!

This is a line of a free movie in Thailand.

You might know Thailand as a food paradise. If you visit Thailand for the first time. You would be shocked for prices of almost everything here that are a lot cheaper than your country , including a movie!

Movie is a big business in Thailand. Why?

It is because of Thai people’s behavior. On weekends , Thai people favorite’s activity is to hang out in a shopping center , not to go to surf as Australian. We love to chill out in a nice air-condition shopping mall , find a nice restaurant to eat , and of course watch a movie.

That is the reason why movie price is so cheap in Thailand. It is an Economy of scale.

There would be a long queue for a Saturday and Sunday movie.
There would be a long queue for a Saturday and Sunday movie.

There are many theaters in Thailand that could compete to any other theaters in the world. But it is a monopoly business as there are only two companies , Major cineplex and EGV. , which own more than 95% of the number of theaters in Thailand.

The normal price of movie in a fine theater is $4.5 which has a comfortable seat and a nice digital sound. The 3D movie could cost from $10. But there are many promotional options for movie in Thailand such as if you were a student , you could watch a movie for just $2 on Wednesday.


My recommendation of the cheapest movie in the world is in a promotional option. But this option always be available on every Saturday and Sunday and have no limit of age.

So if you want to watch a new launched movie for $2.7. You must go to Siam Square area which is the middle heart of Bangkok city. There are movie theaters called “Lido and Scala”. These two have a promotion tickets as I stated and have a good quality theaters as same as in Sydney and Kuala Lumphur. But not the best as Major cineplex and EGV.


The price of the movie is just 80 Baht($2.7). But you could not choose the movie as it is only for the first show around 10.15 am. My case I watch Hercules that was launched in theater the day before. So if you could wake up in the morning and don’t mind to watch the movie in a non first class theater. It is only $2 every Saturday and Sunday. Otherwise you could come here and pay the normal price for just $3.2.


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