The cheapest haircut in the world.

After the best food court in the world and the cheapest movie that you could find in our planet earth. Now It is time to get your hair done!

How often do you have a haircut? I personally love sports and I sweat very easy. So I love my hair to be short. And Thailand is hot and humid. So I have my haircut every month. But it is because of a haircut in Thailand cost so cheap. That is why I would love to have a haircut once a month.

I used to live in Sydney , Australia. The cheapest haircut with a not too bad stylish was in a Korean hairdresser shop which cost me $20. Actually I love that shop very much. I always show this perfect hairstyle that I had about four years ago to barber shop in Thailand.

My perfect hairstyle that I did it in Sydney for $20.

I said “I want my hairstyle to be like myself in this picture” to a hairdresser in a barber shop that I always go.

Me : Could you do this?

Hairdresser : Yes , I could.


Then it turned out as a picture!(Right hand). That made my royalty went away from that barber shop. I told this story to my friend , Mr. Krittinan Kanoonz Chawannakul. And he told me that I should try one of the shop in a shopping mall.


Mr. Kanoonz :   Hey , your hairstyle is short and easy to be cut. So I think you should check this shop out! It is only 100 Baht and I think they are quite nice.

Me : Yeahhh , alright. But I made a promise to my old hairdresser that I would give her a second chance. So I would try your recommend shop after I make my promise.

Mr. Kanoonz :   Never mind.

Yes , it is just 100Baht or about $3!

About a month and a half after I made my promise to give my hairdresser a second chance. My hair grew up to level that it have to be cut again.

This is called a long hair for me.

This time I want to try a new one , Mr. Kanoonz’s recommendation. Well , it is even cheaper than my ex-barber shop which cost me 140Baht. This one cost just 100Baht , one price for all hairstyle!


The different between this shop and my previous one were :

- This shop has not got washing hair service which I don’t really care about it at all.

- This shop cost only 100Baht and not expecting a tip.( $3 )

- This shop is quite quick. But there might be a long queue if you come in a rush hour.

- You have to service yourself by putting one hundred baht bank note in a machine and wait on a queue.

- This shop is connected to a BTS. which is super convenient.

- No beard shave while another shop is included.

What I got this time….Not bad huh?

After I showed my perfect hairstyle picture. This was what I got. I think it was better than my previous barber shop which I spent more 40Baht more.


I even like it more when I went to a gym. So if you want to try this 100baht haircut. The shop’s name is Easy cut. They service kid , lady , and gentlemen as their picture. I think I saw it somewhere in a subway as well. But the shop that I went to was on a second floor of Thaniya building connected with Saladeng BTS. skytrain. It might not be the cheapest barber shop in Thailand. But I am sure that it is the best value for money you would pay to have a hair cut!

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