The Cave of seven sleepers travel tips.

If you decide to travel around Selcuk by renting a motorbike. You would have plenty of time and chance to visit all the places in this city. Among them all , The cave of seven sleeper is one of the place that far to visit by foot.

if you love the myth , The cave of seven sleepers is a place for you!

Do you believe that some people could fall asleep for more than a hundred years and just wake up in the same physical condition? If you think this is a bullshit story. So you could skip the cave of seven sleepers!

But if you are interesting in this kind of story and want to see where was their place to sleep. I’ll show you where to go.


Alright here we go!!! The cave of seven sleepers could access two ways from the road by the way to Virgin Mary house or on the way to Ephesus. The second way is shorter. There are signs to show you the direction to there.


here is the detail of this place…..


According to the myth The Seven Sleepers was a group of Christian youths who hid inside a cave outside the city of Ephesus around 250 AD, to escape a persecution of Christians being conducted during the reign of the Roman emperor Decius.

Another version is that Decius ordered them imprisoned in a closed cave to die there as punishment for being Christians. Having fallen asleep inside the cave, they purportedly awoke approximately 180 years later during the reign of Theodosius II, following which they were reportedly seen by the people of the now-Christian city before dying.


You could park your vehicle near the place. There is a free parking lot for motorbike and there are not many tourists. But you have to walk up the hill that is a bit steep. So be prepared!


On the top , there is a fence prohibits tourists from exploring the cave. All you could do is to look down and take some photos.


I did the best I could. I went to the top and tried to take as much photos as I could. But there was no chance to get in. All other tourists did the same , they came up , had a look , took some photos , then went back.


Another activity that you could do is to write something in a paper and wrap it up on the tree at the top as this above picture. Then you could sit and enjoy the view over the mountains and city.

That’s it!!!

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