Thai people(Khon Thai).

Thailand , the land of smile! What have you heard and imagined about Thailand?

Nice people always smile all the time? – Yes , maybe it is Right!

People ride an elephant to school? – No, it is Wrong!

Well , I think I can not describe Thailand in only one article. But I would love to give you an idea about the thing that you have to deal with when you are in Thailand-Thai people.

Thailand’s population is about 67 millions. But the area of this country is just 513,120 km2 or
198,115 sq mi. The density is 132.1/km2 or 342/sq mi which means quite crowded compare with Western country.

When you come to Thailand. It is hard to avoid Thai people. They are everywhere. You have to interactive with them , at least a Tuk tuk or Taxi drivers , some shop vendors , and your accommodation’staffs.

Let’s learn some facts about Thai people from a real local’s point of view(Me).


Good side


At least 90% of Thais are Buddhism.

In a long history of Buddhism. This religion rarely has conflict with others. As the core philosophy is to make our self to be purified without sins. So the karma is quite important to our practise- What you give , you get back!

Buddhism has a lot effect in Thai culture as it has been our primary religion since Thailand was established. That was since 1238 AD.

No worries culture. -we have plentiful of everything


                “Nai num mee pla , nai na mee khao”

Above idiom was the description of Thailand since Sukhothai period which means we are so plentiful of foods. You could find fish or rice easily in our land. But this thing has changed when we turned into 20th century as the capitalism and globalization came across other continent.

Now we are still have lot of foods. But it was not for everyone. The rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. But the culture is something that has not changed so quickly. So most of us still get used to a laid back culture like in Africa or other places in this world that has a lot of resources.

In another word , you might say most of us are lazy! We used to live day by day and don’t have to save much for tomorrow.

Forgive and forget.

It might came from Buddhism , Thai people always forgives and forgets about bad things other people has done to them. So we get used to live by kindness of each others not by rules.


Too Generous.

I met a girl from the US. She works in Thailand for a while as a researcher of University. She told me that she want to live in Thailand. I asked her “why”. The answer might surprise you but not me.

“Thai people are just being nice without hidden agenda.”

I know that as I was born and live here most of my life. I remember that I went on a motorbike ride with my US. friend. Our motorbike ran out of gas. One woman stopped by to see what was our problem. Then she went away and came back with gasoline. When we tried to pay back the money. She ran away.

This thing could happen to any other tourists. We love to be a nice host. Our hospitality reputation is quite good. Many of my foreigners friends were asked to join a dinner with locals for free , many cases were nice sea foods.

So don’t be shy and enjoy! If you were with a travel companion. Go for it!


Grateful – In rural area , people still take care of their parents. In this picture , this guy a high school student takes a good care of his mom. Even they are so poor. But he never leave her.


Bad side
                Every coins has two side. So let’s see the bad side that you might not know from the outsider. I would tell you from what the real locals read everyday-newspaper.


Rules by person not by system.


In Thailand , when you want things to be done in a process. Most of the cases you have to rely on an authority who are in charged. It is not like let the system works by itself. As our laidback culture , we disobey the rule.

The best example is our rush hour , if there were not a traffic police who are in commanded. It would be a traffic jam as people disobey the road’s rules.

This is our main problem. I think it is the route of many other problem. As we live by kindness and don’t care about rules at all.

Corruption is huge in Thailand. We see faces of corrupted politicians every day. They are in charged of power. So they tried to change the rule in the way they could corrupt more. But lately , it was a coup that military got in power. They said that they would clean out the bad system. We hope it would be real , just wait and see!


One of the huge notorious government’s project was a rice pledge project which we all know it was corrupted. Read more.


As we disobey the road rules. Every year there were a lot of road accidents in Thai new year’s holiday which people were killed more than 300 and more than 1,500 road accidents occurred. Most of cases were drink driving , Crazy huh?

Read it more.


Want to get rich quickly without any hard working.


Another way to get rich quick , not to dig the gold from old white guys , is to buy a lottery. I used to live in Australia and I know that you could buy and win lottery very easy in Australia. But not here in Thailand.

It is crazy that the number on each lotteries are fixed. Sometimes you could not get the number you want. And the ticket price is 80 baht per each. But there are some whole sellers who monopoly with the government’s lottery unit that buy it and sell it for more than 100 baht each. I have not told you yet about the winning price which the first prize is just 3,000,000 baht (only $100,000).

I have never bought Thai lottery for a long long time! It is a crap. But most of Thais are crazy about it. They want to get rick quickly in an easy way!


another proved evidence is above picture. It is a weird cow new born that was born in a physical abnormal. People tried to find some numbers that they could win a lottery. I think it is bullshit! Maybe this case you might called a cowshit!!!


Raped and murdered.


Don’t be panic. Yes , we have many raped and murdered cases each year. One of the rule that I really disagree with is that we always less years of imprison. When it were an important day such as King or Queens’ birthday. The nice behave convict would be lessened their serving years in jail.

So some of rapper or murderer who was sentenced for a lifetime would be imprisoned for just 10 years. Then they get out and committed crimes again. I have seen it over and over again. I am sick of it now.


In above pictures case was a Thai train’ staff who raped and killed the 13 yo. girl while she traveled in a first class train with family’s members. Now it drew our social controversy that we should have an execution penalty.

But trust me as Thai people always forgive and forget. So this case would be disappeared again. Now it is likely to be that way as we have a new issue about the Takwando coach hit his trainee. Damn , I wish one day Thai people would obey the rules more than right now!

Ps. Don’t worry about raped and murdered case for tourists. As we take a very good care for tourists. But please beware not to be alone with guys in Thailand who you never known them before. The latest raped case that had happened to tourist , she was raped by Myanmar labor who many of them come to work in Thailand.

So be careful , don’t get drunk alone at night without friends taking care of you.

Some of our behaviors that might annoy you

- Care too much about image.

- always late

- No individual thinking . Always follow the group.

- Cheated by Tuk tuk or taxi driver as they want to get rich quick-lazy! – read how to deal with them.

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