Freestyle cooking group Bangkok.

My name’s Petz Patiyut. I use couchsurfing and other host networks to travel the world. I always cook for hosts when I travel abroad. Unfortunately, when I am in Thailand, I don’t often get the chance to cook . I miss cooking so much!

For those of you who haven’t been to Thailand, you might not know; that to cook in Thailand sometimes cost more than to eat in normal restaurants.

This is how most of Thai people eat! It is a Thailand’s fast food style.

It is weird huh? But it is true.   Read some facts about Thailand before you come.

That is the reason why most Thais don’t cook at all.

Petz and Sam!

So I am organizing a freestyle cooking group with my foreigner friends who lives long term in Thailand. Basically, I wish to start this group because I want to cook when I am in Thailand and to cook with people is even better as they say “an experienced shared is an experience doubled!” Here are the details of our group:

What is a freestyle cooking group?

The love to cook and eat….

- We are a group of people who love to cook or want to learn how to cook.

- We are not teachers. This is not a cooking class. But we do love to share our cooking experiences.

- We have a variety of cooking styles. I (Petz) love to cook Thai food. Sam dabbles in English and other international cooking styles she has picked up on her travels. So, we could also cook some international dishes or really go crazy and try some East meets West fusion dishes!

What would we do?

Fresh market in Thailand. We’ll go to shop there!

- We will organize a cooking event once a week. That is our plan. We would go to shop at a Thai fresh market or at a supermarket depending on which place we could get the best value of ingredients. We would do and learn together. Petz is the main organizer. He is Thai and can speak English well.

You could learn lot of things there.

- Each time we would set the main dishes.

For example;

Our first quick dishes , just less than 30 minutes.

On our upcoming event, 22nd August, we plan to cook a Thai chicken green curry, a Thai pork omelet and a sweet and sour stir fried vegetable with seafood for the part of Thai cooking. We might add more menus depending on how many people will join. We can confirm this as a group when we meet up before going to shop for ingredients.


When is this event?

- This event will be launched on Friday 22nd August 2014. Then, we would try to make it once a week, mostly on weekdays. But we will see how it goes for the first time. I will keep you posted on any upcoming events on the website.


What time do you have to meet and until what time do we have to leave?

Sam’s kitchen. It is rare to have it in Thailand!

- We would cook dishes for afternoon meal. But we have to meet earlier to go shopping for ingredients together. So let’s meet at 14.00 am. But the time we leave will depend on the host who lets us use their kitchen. For the current host Sam we can eat and chill up till 5pm.

Where do we have to meet?

We would have a space to enjoy!

- There is no specific place for this event. But I will try to organize it near the BTS areas which is super easy and convenient to travel.

-Our first event will be held at Sam’s kitchen in Thonglor area. Let’s meet at exit No. 3 of Thonglor BTS station at 14.00 pm sharp. If you come late, you have to catch up with us later!

How to join?

Don’t forget to help us clean up after finishing cooking and eating.

-First off, we would like to start with a small number of people, so that we can learn and solve any problems that might arise for the next event. Ideally we would like to start with five people and hopefully as the event grows in popularity we can seek out a larger venue in line with the group size.

- We plan to make the dishes in the way you would at home. So everyone is welcome to join and help in each process. You might be responsible for slicing tomatoes or chopping some meat. But there would be only one person who will take responsible for all of the dishes and contribute or distribute each part of the cooking process to the rest.

I f you would like to join our cooking group we would appreciate it if you could share the cost of the ingredients. I think it would be about 100 Baht per person and you could eat as much as we cook!

- Please email me : ztep_d@yahoo.com or petzztep3354@gmail.com and tell me the following information ;


  1. How experienced are you in cooking? What are your cooking styles?
  2. What are your expectations from this event?
  3. Do you have any food intolerance’s or do not eat a certain type of food?

Then I will confirm with you whether you can join. If there are over 5 people, then unfortunately I will have to decline some people . But we will put together a waiting list, depending on the events popularity so everyone has the opportunity to take part.

Please bear with us as we are just starting out, it’s very much a learning curve at the moment! We are both passionate about making this work and will work hard to flourish this freestyle cooking idea into fruition, we would really love to welcome all of you with no exception. But it may take some time to reach that point.


What do you have to bring with?


- We organize everything for you so…..as a matter of fact, you don’t have to bring anything at all just yourselves and the passion or curiosity of cooking.

- Maybe a cook book if you have it.

- Minimum 100 Baht per person donation to cover the cost of the ingredients.

- We all have a duty to clean the kitchen and everything we use after we finish cooking.


Please check my website as I will post an update each week with the cooking details. After we finish the cooking event, I will post the recipes we tried and photo’s of our cooking session.

If there are many people joining and the money we collect is over the cost of our ingredients. I will share the credit between the host to cover any additional costs such as store cupboard ingredients and electricity and the staff who organise the event. Any additional donations will be received with thanks and will be put towards the goal of procuring a larger kitchen so we can make this freestyle cooking experience available to all fellow foodies!


Read some more detail : www.lovelyplanetz.com

More question : ztep_d@yahoo.com or petzztep3354@gmail.com

Instagram , twitter , pinterest or google+ : lovelyplanetz


Meet Sam

Sam slurping her bowl of steaming hot noodles China town, Bangkok
Sam slurping her bowl of steaming hot noodles China town, Bangkok

I was born in Hong Kong during the year of the pig which is a huge clue about my eating habits! Sadly, I remember very little about my life in Hong Kong as I moved to England at the age of 4 years old, I’m frequently referred to as the fake Asian amongst my friends!

Mini me!
Mini me!

From my formative years onwards my life has been orientated around food, as soon as I was old enough to cook on gas and escape the dreary monotony of English meat and three over boiled vegetables (sorry mum!). I revelled in seeking out my own gastronomic adventures. I studied for a degree in food science and technology, I started my own bakery business selling to local cafes and in my first ever graduate job I embodied the real life Willy Wonker, working in a biscuit factory, which was famous for creating the first dunk-able biscuits. I then turned my insatiable aspirations to work in a ready meal factory, creating international chilled ready meals, from fetching faggots to exotic Thai curries.


My love for international tastes grew as inevitably did my waistline. To satisfy this craving to learn more about food, I sought to seek out authentic culinary adventures of my own. So in September 2011 my boyfriend and I packed our 30 litre backpacks. Chris with his practicable travel essentials and me with several pairs of shoes too many and some trusty beef oxo cubes….. in the hope I could seize the opportunity to try out new recipes and old home comforts.

From creating burger cupcakes in my lovely English kitchen to tying balut in Vietnam -duck embryo that is boiled alive and usually eaten in the shell.

We embarked upon our globavore adventure around South East Asia, visiting some amazing countries and tasting the weird to the wonderful, in what was supposed to be only1 year of travelling, turned into an infinite adventure and we continue to travel to this day using Bangkok as a base.

I’ve since been looking for opportunities to turn my passions into something tangible, with the goal to work with like minded people to start a food collective, recently I was lucky enough to meet such a guy, who has boundless enthusiasm and devotion to food and travel.
Meeting Petz

I met Petz at a language exchange meetup in Bangkok, we discovered we both had shared interests and we talked fervently about our globavore lifestyle and when Petz first mentioned his idea of setting up a freestyle cooking event I was thrilled especially having had similar ideas in the past.

We both loved the idea of a cooking collective, bringing like minded foodies together to celebrate food, both local and foreign alike. Our goal was to create this experience in a relaxed environment that wasn’t going to break the bank. So here’s our collaborative story of launching the free style cooking event.

Trial run of free style cooking

Petz’s plan was to make two dishes:
1) Moo- sab pad graprow/ Thai stir fried minced pork with holy basil
(moo translated means pork. Sab, mince. Pad, fried and graprow, holy basil. )

2) Kai jiew moo-sub/ Thai minced pork omelette
(Kai Jiew translated means egg omelette. Moo, pork and sab, mince)

We visited the local fresh market located at Thonglor canal and shopped for the following fresh produce:

A packet of small bright red chilli’s (20thb). This equates to about 40 chilli’s per 100grams, the smaller chilli the hotter so these were not to be chowed down like popcorn at a cinema; unless of course you want a real a tear jerker!

The most popular and also the smallest of the chillies used in thai cooking is called prik kee noo and this literally translates to “mouse shit chillies” the reason being you never usually know there is a mouse, until you see their shit. These chillies, in Thai food are the same, you can’t see them but once try, you definitely know they have been there! And I believe that these were the little chilli’s that we bought at the market.

^__^ Petz top tip: choose chilli's with the greenest stalk it's a sign of how fresh the chillies are.
^__^ Petz top tip: choose chilli’s with the greenest stalk it’s a sign of how fresh the chillies are.

A few leafy sprigs of fragrant holy basil (4thb) I only recently discovered the difference between sweet basil and holy basil, and had previously only bought the sweet basil variety for it’s liquorice notes. The holy basil variety, with its lightly hairy leaves, jagged along the edges imparts a mild zesty, peppery and spicy flavour, which becomes more pronounced in cooking.
The Thai varieties of Basil are unique in flavour but European basil can be used as a substitute if you cannot find the Thai varieties


Thai fish sauce, 300ml, Tiparosm brand (20thb). There is no English on the bottle so here’s a photo of the label so you can identify it clearly.
Fish sauce is the single, most important flavoring in Thai cooking, in Western cooking it can be likened to the use of salt.
The Tiparos brand of fish sauce is the choice brand to use, it has a street appeal, being the familiar fish sauce served throughout Thailand as an everyday pedestrian favorite. It has a premium quality, familiar taste, and the best value price.
Most large supermarkets in Europe will sell fish sauce in their ethnic aisles, if you can’t find it; then Worcestershire sauce can be used as a replacement, however, please use this carefully, its flavor is very strong exhibiting a more prominent sourness to it.
We started with making the Thai minced pork omelet so we could reuse the same pan straight after for the next dish; I’m all for efficiency and doing as little washing up as possible!

The method to for both recipes has been adapted so they can be cooked on electric hobs, however it is preferable to use a wok and cook on gas at a high temperature to achieve a crispier texture to the omelet.

Kai jiew moo-sub. Thai minced pork omelet


Description: This is a Thai street food classic, it is quite distinctively different from a normal western style omelet as it’s more of a deep fried omelette, if you have your oil at the right temperature you can achieve a crispy golden yellow exterior and a fluffy inside that shouldn’t be too oily. The seasoned flavour comes from the Thai fish sauce which imparts moreish salt and sweet notes to the omelette.

Time: About ten minutes
Utensils: Small mixing bowl, frying pan, spatula, fork, table spoon
Portion size: two people

3 eggs
1 tablespoon of fish sauce
250 grams of ground minced pork
2 tablespoons of rice bran oil or vegetable oil
Crack open the eggs and whisk them together until even in colour.
Add 1 tablespoon of fish sauce , mix.
Break up the minced pork into small even lumps as you add it to the egg mixture, mix.
Heat the frying pan with the oil on high.
When the oil is hot enough pour in the egg mixture and turn the temperature down to low, the residual heat of the pan on the hob will cook the omelette more gently.
When the colour is light golden brown on the underside of the omelette then flip it over and cook the other side until light golden brown and cooked through to the the middle, you may need to apply the heat again.

Optional extras:
• If you would like to jazz it up, add some chopped onion and tomato into the raw egg mixture before cooking.
• Garnish with a few sprigs of sweet basil or coriander

^__^ Petz top tip: To know if the oil is hot enough for cooking, drop a tiny bit of the egg mixture in to the hot oil and if it fizzes with the heat then it’s ready!

Moo-sab pad graprow/ Thai stir fried minced pork with holy basil


Description: This dish is a serious contender for the most popular and beloved Thai street food dish. It’s safe option for many Thai’s when they don’t know what to order, it’s almost always available at street food stalls and restaurants and it’s packed full to bursting with flavor. Its taste is salty, spicy, fragrant from the garlic, aromatic from the holy basil and doused pleasantly in wok hie.

Time: About ten minutes
Utensils: Chopping board, vegetable knife, frying pan, spatula, table spoon


4 garlic cloves peeled
250g Minced pork
4 leafy sprigs of holy basil
Whole Chillies to taste
1 – 2 Tablespoons of fish Sauce
2 Tablespoons of rice bran oil or vegetable oil

Roughly chop the garlic.
Strip the leaves from holy basil from the stalk.
Heat the oil in a frying pan on a high heat.
When it’s hot enough add the garlic mix, keep on moving it round the pan to prevent it from burning, when the garlic turns a golden brown colour add the chilli’s, stir briefly.
Break up the minced pork into small even lumps as you add to the pan.
Add the fish sauce and cook through.
When the mince pork is cooked toss in the holy basil leaves, turn off the heat and mix until the basil has wilted.

Optional extras:
• If you would like to enrich and make more saucy, add a table spoon of oyster sauce and dark sweet soya sauce.
• The pork can be substituted for chicken, beef and seafood.
• Garnish with a few sprigs of sweet basil or coriander.
• Moo-sab pad graprow is normally served on top of a pile of steamed jasmine with a fried egg on the side.

T^__^ Petz top top tips:
The larger dark core within the clove is the older the older the garlic.
If the garlic looks like it’s going to burn add a dash of water.

These dishes were not only a feast for the eyes but absolutely delicious, they’re surprisingly incredibly quick and easy to cook. So go on, try these at home and tantalize your Thai taste buds!

If you would like to participate in our inaugural weekly free style cooking event, starting on the 22nd August, or would like to find out more information, please drop us an email at:

ztep_d@yahoo.com or samantha@foodscience.consulting




Getting to know about money stuff in Turkey

The only time I was cheated in Turkey was when I first arrived. It is true that the most safest place could turn to be the most dangerous place. Here is my experience and tips about money exchange in Turkey……

Turkey is not a part of the European Union (EU), although it has applied to join the EU and its membership status is currently a candidate country. So, we’d better exchange the New Turkish Lira (TL, Turkish lira symbol 8x10px.png) which has been adopted since 2009. However, this currency is not able to be exchanged in some countries including Thailand. While the US dollar and the Euro are widely used in Turkey, but it will be definitely more expensive if you spend these currencies directly at any shops. You are recommended to exchange to the local currency first.The banknotes of the New Turkish Lira ranged from 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and also the new 200-Turkish-lira denomination which is rarely found. The Turkish coin lira is subdivided into 100 kuruş (kr) which you can find the frequent used coins in 5kr, 10kr, 25kr, 50kr and Turkish lira symbol 8x10px.png1.



I would say one of my most memorable experiences in this trip once I landed in Turkey was the money exchange mistake . It was a very few bad impressions during my journey in this country. Don’t be trapped by the money exchange counter at the airport with the signboard, “Change Office”.


As I have seen a group of Western tourists exchanging their money there, I did follow them and decided to exchange only half of my budget luckily since there is the minimum amount to exchange at USD 10. Then, I got the money together with the receipt which made it more reliable. After I had got some local money in my pocket, I didn’t hesitate to continue my journey by catching the bus to downtown. While I was riding on the bus, I did spend time checking on the receipt and I was so surprised to find the commission charge and pretty expensive rate comparing with other money changers in town. Although, I was charged higher than it should be about a couple of hundred Baht, it was such a costly experience in my journey life.


Please bear in mind that you’d better exchange only sufficient Turkish Lira to pay for the bus ticket to downtown. Then, I encourage you to exchange for the local currency at money changers with no commission and absolutely reasonable rate in Istanbul where are mainly found near by the Grand Bazaar, the Spice Market or even at any post offices which you can notice the yellow sign of PTT (Posta Telgraf Teşkilatı).



A year round destination…Turkey!

A half year has already passed…if you still have your vacation leave available for 7-10 days, I do recommend you to visit the country where East meets West, “Turkey”. When is the best time to travel to Turkey? The season does indeed matter for the country surrounded by seas and terrains. All of the four seasons do exist in Turkey and different season has its interest to visit. Let’s explore the main highlights of each season and which part of Turkey you should/shouldn’t visit specifically.


Spring (April to Mid-June) -It is the tourist high season because of stable weather and longer daytime. Nevertheless, it is likely to rain during April. You are recommended to book an accommodation in advance if you plan to stay over in Istanbul and Cappadocia. While it is the tourist low season in the coastal areas of the Aegean and the Mediterranean. Moreover, the famous festivals in Istanbul you shouldn’t miss during spring as follows;


  • Istanbul Tulip Festival some of you might not know that Tulips were first cultivated in Persia in the 10th century and then imported to the Netherlands later in the 16th century by the gardener at Hofburg Palace in Austria. The festival is held every April since 2006 which the city government of Istanbul will plant millions of Tulipsalmost everywhere on open ground. It is said that Tulips in Istanbul were counted to 13 million last year!


  • Istanbul International Film Festival first established in 1982 and the award is presented in the golden Tulip to the winners. The purpose of this film festival is to motivate the development in Turkish cinematography as well as to promote Turkish films to be recognized. There were only 6 films shown in the first Istanbul international film festival but it has been more and more films up to thousands from 72 countries worldwide participated in the festival. For more information, please check: http://film.iksv.org/en/archive/newsarchive/p/1/705


Summer (Mid-June to Mid-September) – This period is hot and dry but not too sticky. It is the best time to visit if you want to avoid getting wet in the rain. The coastal areas are filled with tourists on beaches. On the contrary, Istanbul and Cappadocia are empty and you may find cheap prices and great value for the accommodations in these famous cities.


Autumn (Mid-September to October) -Another nicest time to visit apart from spring season as
the weather is chilled and rainless with clear blue sky but the cost of accommodation may be pretty high. However, daytime is shorter and the rain starts in October.Istanbul and Cappadocia are resumed being crowded while the coastal areas are lack of tourists.


Winter (November-March) – The good thing for visiting in winter is to experience snow even you are in Istanbul. The temperature could be reached 0 degree Celsius or less occasionally. If you wish to see snowy atmosphere, you should travel further to Cappadocia where is much colder. Turkey in winter may be low season with rainfall and freezing cold but it could be a choice for anyone who wants to travel on a shoestring.



Mo-Mo-Paradise is an All-You-Can-Eat Shabu-shabu style restaurant which has been widely known among those who love quality meat and authentic Japanese-style Shabu dining. Mo-Mo-Paradise can be found in leading department stores throughout Bangkok. The first branch, which is opened in Central World department store, has been a convenient place if you want to enjoy Shabu Shabu style dining experience in the heart of Bangkok. There are now six branches of MomoParadise right now in Thailand: Central World, CDC, Terminal 21, Central Rama 9, The Promenade, and Central Bang Na respectively.


The highlight of the restaurant, as you may be able to guess easily, is the high-quality meat. They choose Kurobuta pork which are carefully sliced. The thinness of the pork allows you to enjoy the soup which seeped through the pork. The beef used in this restaurant comes from Australia and is also thinly and carefully sliced for your most enjoyable dining experience.


Apart from that, you can also enjoy the variety of hygienic and nutritious vegetables gathered from the freshest sources of the country. There are more than 20 kinds of vegetables, mushrooms, seaweeds for you to relish at your disposal.


Another crucial component apart from the beef and pork quality is the soups and the sauces which are all imported from Japan. It is claimed that they are the same sauce and soup as used in the restaurant in Japan. You can smell its yummy soup just by walking past the entrance of the restaurant.


There are three kinds of soup for you to enjoy here: Shabu Shabu, Sukiyaki, and Karamiso. The Shabu Shabu is the original soup which you can enjoy with the tasty sesame sauce and the ponzu sauce formulated by Mo-Mo-Paradise and directly imported from Japan. Sukiyaki is a black full-flavored soup with a fresh and hygienic egg dipping from a trustworthy source. The other one is Karamiso soup which is a Japanese-stye spicy soup served with Karamiso, finely chopped radish and Japanese chili.


You can choose to enjoy only one or two soup depending on your preference. The single soup option costs only 399 Thai baht, which includes everything except for the drink, desserts, and side dishes which can be ordered separately. If you can’t decide which soup to have, Mo-Mo-Paradise provides you with a mixed course (449 Thai baht), so you can enjoy two soups of your choice at the same time. There is also a Party Course (539 per person) which includes the Aussie beef, Kurobuta pork, chicken dumpling, Ramen, Udon, refillable drink, and desserts at your choice for 120 minutes.


For desserts, Mo-Mo-Paradise offers Daifuku, a Japanese confection made of mochi stuffed with sweet filling, in 7 flavors: custard, strawberry, black sesame, chocolate, matcha green tea, and red bean. The mochi texture is very soft, but a little too thick and too sweet for some. Another dessert served in this restaurant is the soy milk ice cream served in a very cute clay pot in a variety of flavors: vanilla, black sesame, and green tea. The sour and sweet tropical mango and plum sorbet is also popular among the frequent visitors here.


The best supporter of our website( www.lovelyplanetz.com ) for this week is Miss Sureepron Pikulkrong. She joined us on this review of Mo-Mo-Paradise. And there is a discount coupon in the book “50 Best restaurants in Bangkok”. The discount is 100 baht if you spend more than 1,000 baht with non expiring date of using.

Read how to join our food review.


My bucket list.

If you want to design your own life style by yourself. You have to make it more into an action. The best way to do it is to make your own bucket list.

It could be anything no matter big or small goals. If you just start to have your own bucket list. I recommend you to make 10 things that you think you could achieve in a week such as ,

- I will to cook green curry.

-I will make 10 basketball shot in a row.

- I will run 10 rounds nonstop.

- Etc.

Then check it every week! Cross all the list that you make them and write the reason on goals that you could not make it.


Example of my small goals of bucket list.                                             ( Check it every week )

- Go to gym and work out on Monday , Wednesday , Friday , and Sunday.

: Done.

- Play basketball on the day I have not been to gym. Go to gym instead if it is rain.

: Done.

-Meet new people in meetup.com.

: done

- Write one article per day.

: Failed , I have not done it on Saturday and Sunday.

- Organize free style cooking group.

: Progress , I will meet and talked to some people who are interesting in it and they might help.

- Find more people to help me write a restaurant review article.

: done.

- ETC.


The secret of short term goals are that you have to make it clear into action(e.g. I will run 30 minutes nonstop is better than I will lose weight) and it is the thing that you think could do it within a week. But you just delay it if it is not on your bucket list.

Good thing about small goals is that it make you familiar with achieving something. Then you will have more faith in yourself. This is the most important part of life. REMEMBER!

                If you want to achieve something big. First you must have faith in yourself.

My first book "Naked Sydney"
My first book “Naked Sydney”


Let’s keep doing this over and over. Trust me it would give you strength and power. Then you could do whatever you want.

After you check your small goals every week. Now let’s make some bigger goals and put it in your bucket list. These things you could achieve it within three to six months. So let’s check this every three months and see some progress. These list would give you more confidence. Then your big dream would be something that you really believe that you could make it happened!

Example of my medium goals of bucket list.                       ( Check it every three months )

- Have my own kindle Ebook in English.

: with helped from Etty Liu

- Do an awesome tours for free!
: Thank you for my sales experience. I could convince tour operators in New Zealand and Thailand to give me a free tour in exchange of advertising them.

- Get a big company advertising in my first book.

: My Phuket book could sell adverts to Canon and AIS.

- Having a Thai website.

: With helped from Mr. Tosak.

- Having an English website.

: Thank you for many editors and my partner Mr. Folk and Miss Som who did help me a lot when I started this website.

- Get a dive license.

: about 5 years ago.

- Being a food taster.

: One of my big dream. I achieved it after I have a nice profile of making 4 books.

- Have chance to know lot of international friends.

: A good chance I could meet new international friends is by host networks.

- Join nice concert , Hoobastank , Oasis , Red hot chillie peper , Fat boy slim , etc.

: I joined all of good concerts mostly when I were in University. In Thailand , you could not make money at all if you are not graduated from university. So I was proud that I could save up to join nice concerts.

- Beat young kids in basketball games even when I am 30s.

: More over than keep the body fit. I sleep about an hour before playing basketball games. That is my secret.

- Rent accommodation on Airb&b

: I was given up on this goal about two months ago. But today I got an offer from friend that she want me to take care of her property and lend it on Airb&b when she travel.


Alright so now let’s move on to the big fish. After you cross many of goal from your bucket list. Now you should put your big goal ever in the list. It doesn’t matter what other people think about it. They might say you are a dreamer. But it is worth a try and it cost nothing. So let’s do it!


Here are sample of my big goal in bucket list that I already got.

- Taller than 180CM. (6″)

My dad is 170CM. tall and my mom is 160CM. tall. My plan was to drunk milk as much as possible. Actually I drunk a gallon of milk per day and play basketball as much as I could. I even skip some classes to play basketball! Thank you mom to support my milk cost. I got that height when I was 18. And now I am the tallest person among our 30 members of family.

- Being healthy no asthma anymore.

I was born very weak. My mom told me that doctor had to put an oxygen respirator on me when I was three years old. And I still remember my hard time to had asthma every month. It was the really bad time of my life until I was 16. The reason I love basketball so much is because it stopped my asthma when I was 16.

- Quit routine job forever.

I had to have routines jobs about three years since I was graduated from University. But I plan to quit routine job forever sine I was 15 years old after I read the book , “Rich dad poor dad”.

- Live abroad about a year.

I went to Australia to live there almost a year by working holiday visa.

- Have international girlfriends.

Since I want to send my kids to NBA. So this is one of a serious issue. But it was started from my curiousness when I was a kid. One of the thing I really want to know was that why I saw many Western guys walk hand in hand with Asian girlfriends. But there were only few Asian guys who could date with Western girls. Finally I got an answer and I have done well in this two years.

- Making money by traveling.

I did it after I work for Mr.Adisak Chanduang ‘s company. My first book was a guidebook of New Zealand.

- Having my own business.

I did my first business that no parents got involved sine I was 19 years old. It was fun and exciting. Even I could not make any profit at all. But it gave me a lot of things to learnt.

- Making a book.

- Being supported from airline to travel.

- Being a model.

- Stay in nice hotels for free as a part of a job.

- Having photograph with successful people.

- Invest successfully in stock market.

- Have my own company.

- Do a Skydive. , Etc.

Being an armature model in Australian company.
Being an armature model in Australian company.


Here are sample of my dream list that I still working on it.

- Train my kids to be the first NBA. player from Thailand.

I trusted one of the Irish guy fairly enough to tell him about this dream. It turned to be a bullshit dream ever in his opinion. And it was that time that I unfriended him.

- Retire before 33.

- Having six packs before I am 33.

- Make $10,000 from my English website.

- Dunk.

- Many many more……

How about you guys? I am sure many of you have done a lot of great things. Please share your bucket list. And I would love to know and discuss about it.  ^__^