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Hierapolis…an ancient city adjacent to modern Pamukkale!

After strolling around the gorgeous turquoise pools of Pamukkale, let’s go further to the ancient city which is definitely different to others in Turkey. This ancient city named Hierapolis, which literally means “Holy City”, is just located on the top of Pamukkale where is high enough to see Denizli town in 20 km distance and the Hierapolis was totally destructed after several earthquakes. Later, its ruins were designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Pamukkale…the natural wonder of cotton castle!

As I have listed my top 10 experiences in Turkey earlier, it was quite hard for me to select the best destinations to visit out of tons of interesting places in a melting pot of numerous civilizations like Turkey. In fact, this country is attracted by its strategic location and claimed as an open air living museum with an abundance of historical sites and natural creatures.

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Goreme open air museum travel tips.

Goreme is huge and has lot of beautiful wired rocks. But if you ask me for the best place to visit in Goreme. My answer would be ” Goreme open air museum”

Read my 7 places to visit in Goreme.

This place is just about 15 minutes walk from Goreme city center. There are many interesting stuffs to see there , especially churches from the 11th century. The authority knew that it is the best area. That was the reason they got in control and now open to collect the fee from tourists.

Let’s go to see what would you get!

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Ephesus(Efes) travel tips.

No any ancient city in Turkey could compare with Ephesus. It is the most beautiful and large in scale. More than a million visitors was attracted to come to this place every year? This huge ruin area is just about 3.5 kilometers away from city of Selcuk.

I have some good tips on traveling to Ehesus , or Efes in local language , that must be very useful for you. Check it out.

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