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             For those of you that liked Rosie and Claire’s story, here is a second article they have written. They love to travel with host networks as well and in their case, they had a lot of experience of Wwoofing.

       I’m not into this kind of work at all, so it is perfect to share this story from their perspective. I am sure many of you would love to do some work on a farm jobs but it is just not my style.

        OK let’s check it out…..

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Make new friends by joining a dancing group in Bangkok.

Do you have a problem that you want to go to dance in the club and make a new friends but you travel alone? If you have that problem while traveling in Bangkok. I could fix it for you!

and this is my 7 ways to make new friends when I travel

                I have to thank you Sonia, the girl I had met in couchsurfing meeting , that she showed me this solution by brought me to a friendly fun dancing group in Bangkok. It was a Zouk dance around 10pm. It was really fun. Here are the reason why you should join it….

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how to make new friends when you travel

It was lonely sometimes when I traveled alone. Even I love the freedom to do anything I wanted to. But I needed some socialize activities as well. Luckily that I was not a shy person. So I always made new friends all the time when I traveled.

Now I have got load of friends that still keep in touch on the road more than friends I have known them from my home town.

Trust me , it is very easy to get a new friend. As I am an Asian guy , there are more boundaries than you guys would have. Here are my tips and tricks to make a new friends. And the best thing about it is that you could choose the one you want to know!

Here are seven of the ways I make friends while traveling solo:

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The Freedom of a One Way Ticket

Lovelyplanetz, is not just the name of our website and ‘our planet is not lonely anymore’ isn’t just the theme- I used this name because I don’t want to be the only one to contribute to the website. I have created this page for everyone to share their ideas, their advice and experiences, to come together and join in doing something to make our world a lovelier place…..   (but how can we do that???) 

Two nice people I have known for a while are Rosie and Claire. I met them through the Couchsurfing network and they have been abroad for over four years now. Their story is inspiring and they would like to share some of it with you.


Here is my first guest’s post by Rosie Stewart.

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Basic Thai language for foreigners.

It is good to know some useful words when you travel to a new country where English isn’t the first language. Thailand is a country that welcomes a huge number of tourists every year but there are relatively few locals who can communicate in English.

Thai people love foreigners. And they love to speak to them even more. Last year (2013), more than 26 million visitors traveled to our country. But the problem is the Thai school system spends more time teaching English grammar rules than practical usage of English such as speaking, listening and pronunciation skills.

You’ll realize soon after you arrive that few Thais can speak good English. So not only is it useful for you to learn some Thai language but Thai people will be thoroughly impressed if you can speak a little bit of Thai. You might even end up with some discount or a free drink!

So lucky you, here’s a free beginners lesson. Let’s take a look at some useful words and short conversations.



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