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All around Selçuk Town by foot or renting vehicle.

I wrote about Selçuk the other days that this ancient city has a lot to see. There are many ruins all around dated back from The Greek and roman empire to the beginning of Ottoman period. The best thing of this city is that all the ruins are in a short distance walk.

click here if you want to know how to come to Selçuk.

You could visit The Temple of Artemis , Ephesus Museum , St John Basilica , İsa Bey Mosque , and Turkish baht ruin altogether in one day by your own foot or renting a bicycle.

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Selçuk Town (Ephesus), Turkey

       Selçuk is the central town of İzmir Province in Turkey. The ancient city of Ephesus is just about 3 kilometers (1.5 mile) northeast of the city.

Besides the Ephesus archeological site, there is much more to see in this area. The city has a long and interesting history dating back from The Roman Empire to the ancestors of the present Turkish people who rule the country- The Selçuk Turk.


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Holy Shit! My friend was dead during the trip.

I was panic and paranoid when I heard Ann , my host in Fox glacier , talked to police. Damn it! It must be about our working in exchange of food and accommodation. They must come to catch us as we hold travel visa.

That day I tried to keep myself as a low profile , stayed just in my room and locked myself from the outsider. Why don’t they do this to Western tourists who did the same as we did. The world is not fair for the third world traveler , I thought.

Ann told Wesley(Another helper who travel like me) and his friend to get a called from the police.

Shit!!!…They must come for us.

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