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My top10 places to visit in New Zealand.

It was a coincident when the plane from Sydney to Bangkok had an engine problem. They delayed the flight and gave passengers a free coupon tickets to spend money while waiting for a problem to be fixed.

I was in that flight. After I spend money for lot of foods in Sydney airport and had know idea what else should I pay for the rest. I went to book store and bought the New Zealand guidebook , wishing one day I could go to New Zealand.

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My top10 beaches in Thailand.

If you love beach. Thailand is the place that you have to be. For more than a hundred beaches , many of them are absolutely beautiful , good foods , and very low cost of living. That could be the reason 26.7 million visitor arrivals in 2013.

I was born in the south of Thailand , where most of the best beaches are. It was a hard job to rank the beach. I spend some times to pick photo from load of nice beaches pictures.

Here is my solution of my top10 list.

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My top 10 experiences in Turkey.

This was my first trip to Europe (Well, 3% of Turkey is in Europe). It has been 22 days that gave me an extraordinary experience of making a traveling book of Turkey , one of the most beautiful country.

I was super busy almost everyday to wake up early , travel to interesting places , and took a lot of pictures. It was not my travel style to hop on and off , moved from city to another. Sometimes you could not get everything you want. But at least it was about traveling and it worth trying.

Here are my top 10 experiences in the beautiful land , Turkey.

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