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Bergama, the Ancient Roman Ruins of Pergamon

We are still in the Aegean Turkey where an abundance of history rested in Western Anatolia. Our destination is moving from the Southern Aegean where there is Denizly, the inland city as a hub to Roman sites such as Pamukkale and Hierapolis, to the Northern Aegean where Bergama is located. Bergama is known for its archaeological ruins from the ancient Roman city of Pergamon. It is another ancient city which is not as crowded as Selçuk or Ephesus.

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The cheapest movie in the world.

How much does the movie cost in your country?

Back in 2010 , I lived in Sydney and the movie cost $AUS10.

In 2011 I watched movie in Kuala Lumphur , Malaysia. It cost $5.

As far as I know , prices of movies in every corners of our world are rising up. But two days ago( 7/26/2014) , I still went for a movie which cost just $2.7 in Bangkok ,Thailand. And the quality was as same as in Australia and Malaysia!

Let’s find out where the cheapest movie in the world is!

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