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Top 10 restaurants in Phuket.

My first job as a sale representative opened up my opportunity to travel all around the whole southern region of Thailand. For all 14 provinces , I love Phuket the most. The mix of convenient life style with pure nature convinced me to visit Phuket over and over again.

One of my important job that I have to do there was to find a nice restaurants for our big boss with some important clients. So I have been to quite some of restaurants in Phuket.

Here are my top 10 among hundreds of restaurants…..

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Thai people(Khon Thai).

Thailand , the land of smile! What have you heard and imagined about Thailand?

Nice people always smile all the time? – Yes , maybe it is Right!

People ride an elephant to school? – No, it is Wrong!

Well , I think I can not describe Thailand in only one article. But I would love to give you an idea about the thing that you have to deal with when you are in Thailand-Thai people.

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Free Muay Thai lesson in Bangkok.

After I posted a free Muay Thai match that you could easily come to watch it for free at MBK. center. If you want to continue a little bit further. You could go to learn about it as a beginner , not far from MBK. I have a place that only few tourists know that you could go and practice it for free! And it’s in the middle heart of the city!!!

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Sue's kitchen

I did my first Padthai in New Zealand.

I love Pad Thai , that was what Sue told me. Sue was my host in Raglan where it was a scene in the movie “Endless summer”, a surfer paradise. But I didn’t have any plan to go on the surfboard at that time. I just need somewhere near Auckland to escape the crazy Rugby World Cup 2011 event that caused full booked accommodations in New Zealand’s capital city.

The reason Sue accepted me to be her helper was that she was injured by playing a netball. She wanted someone to help her doing housework , especially cooking. Well I would more than happy to be a cook in the house of Sue , a nurse who have to take care herself during her injury.

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