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Pink beach(Henderson Bay) in New Zealand.

The legendary “pink beach” my host wouldn’t stop talking about. It definitely does lived up to its name. It’s the first pink beach I’ve ever seen. The coloration originated from the mixture minerals in the area combined with reflection of sunlight. The direction to this beach is quite simple as well. It is very close to the main street 1F on the right side. There will be a brown sign indicating the entrance.

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Swimming with dolphins in New Zealand.

I met my dream girl in Magnetic island. She was a beautiful 19 yo. German with 179 cm. tall who came with a group of friends to explore Australia during her gap year. She told me that one of her dream is to swim with dolphins in New Zealand!

Really? I hadn’t known before that we could swim with dolphins.

Actually she told me that we could even play with them. Well I guessed so , I knew that dolphin is a very smart animal. Maybe they even smarter than some people.

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