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how to make new friends when you travel

It was lonely sometimes when I traveled alone. Even I love the freedom to do anything I wanted to. But I needed some socialize activities as well. Luckily that I was not a shy person. So I always made new friends all the time when I traveled.

Now I have got load of friends that still keep in touch on the road more than friends I have known them from my home town.

Trust me , it is very easy to get a new friend. As I am an Asian guy , there are more boundaries than you guys would have. Here are my tips and tricks to make a new friends. And the best thing about it is that you could choose the one you want to know!

Here are seven of the ways I make friends while traveling solo:

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How to pick the best host?

          Thanks facebook ID : Kit viva un. Who send the question ” How much work we have to do in exchange of foods and accommodation in Helpx and WWOOF? ”

          Well , my answer is…It is depend on each host. If you get a kind and gentle host. Sometime they just need you as a company. But some host they considering you as a cheap labor!

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How to begin with host network?

10,000 miles journey begins with the first step.

if you are fear to begin with the host networks. Trust me! You are not alone! Well I have to confess that I was afraid to use host network to travel. I have heard about it from a couple who were waiting in the same queue as me when I was applying for a working holiday visa to Australia.

After a while I applied it and got accepted from the host in Byron bay , Australia. But the fear of uncertainty kept me away from her. I changed my plan and canceled that trip to stay in my comfort zone , working and saving money. Then I could travel when I have enough money.

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TV Project


It was an omen again!!! I had lived in Australia for a year with working holiday visa. After I came back to Thailand. I felt like I could not go back to a shit payment routine job anymore! ( Australian minimum wage was 20$ per hour , Thailand was 10$ per day).

I brought back an idea to write a book about experience I had got from working holiday visa. It was in 2011 , there were few people in Thailand who knew about this visa. ( Thailand have a quota for only 500 people per year that could get this visa). And I knew that this visa was an awesome opportunity for young Thai to travel and make money at the same time.

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