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Goreme open air museum travel tips.

Goreme is huge and has lot of beautiful wired rocks. But if you ask me for the best place to visit in Goreme. My answer would be ” Goreme open air museum”

Read my 7 places to visit in Goreme.

This place is just about 15 minutes walk from Goreme city center. There are many interesting stuffs to see there , especially churches from the 11th century. The authority knew that it is the best area. That was the reason they got in control and now open to collect the fee from tourists.

Let’s go to see what would you get!

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7 places to visit in Goreme.

Not only the hot air balloon a must do activity in Goreme, but also there are many interesting places that have amazing views of the landscape in this region.

There are beautiful and weird rock formations here which were caused by volcanic eruptions millions of years ago and have since been eroded by wind and rain.  Let’s check it out: seven places you could visit in one day around this striking world heritage site.

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My top 10 experiences in Turkey.

This was my first trip to Europe (Well, 3% of Turkey is in Europe). It has been 22 days that gave me an extraordinary experience of making a traveling book of Turkey , one of the most beautiful country.

I was super busy almost everyday to wake up early , travel to interesting places , and took a lot of pictures. It was not my travel style to hop on and off , moved from city to another. Sometimes you could not get everything you want. But at least it was about traveling and it worth trying.

Here are my top 10 experiences in the beautiful land , Turkey.

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Best Place for Hot Air Balloon Trip


            If you search Google for the top 5 places to ride a hot air balloon, I am sure Göreme, Cappadocia, is at the top of the list.

            I had only been in a balloon once before I got a ride in the Göreme Valley; it was not an activity that I would put on my list of things to do before I die. It could not make the adrenalin rush out of my mind at all, not like skydiving, swimming with dolphins, or the chance to be on a New Zealand TV game show.

            Ballooning was a boring activity for me until I had a hot air balloon flight in Göreme. Göreme is an amazing place with striking landscapes, and it’s even more amazing when you have different perspectives from above and below ground.

            And can you believe it, it was half the price of my first balloon trip!

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