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Mo-Mo-Paradise is an All-You-Can-Eat Shabu-shabu style restaurant which has been widely known among those who love quality meat and authentic Japanese-style Shabu dining. Mo-Mo-Paradise can be found in leading department stores throughout Bangkok. The first branch, which is opened in Central World department store, has been a convenient place if you want to enjoy Shabu Shabu style dining experience in the heart of Bangkok. There are now six branches of MomoParadise right now in Thailand: Central World, CDC, Terminal 21, Central Rama 9, The Promenade, and Central Bang Na respectively.

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The best food court in the world.

There are lot of things that could shock you in Thailand….

- Beautiful ladies whom you would find out later that they are boys!

- Cheap foods , good taste!

- People are super friendly and could give you things without hidden agenda , even they have not got money in their pocket at all.

- cooked Insects or scorpion  in Khaosarn road.

And many many more things that we have a lot of uncommon compare with Western countries , not including the culture shock yet!

These things I mentioned above are common stuffs for Thais. But one thing that would shock both of Thais and foreigner was that we just had the best food court of the whole wide world in Bangkok!

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Flann O’Brien’s Irish Pub – Silom, Bangkok

Conveniently situated at Sala Daeng BTS station, Flann O’Brien’s Irish pub has the atmosphere you would expect of any good, true Irish pub. Relaxed, friendly and decorated tastefully with pictures of famous Irishmen and Irish county flags, you could easily forget you are in Silom until you walk outside to be greeted by the Bangkok heat.

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