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Lipe Island Best Beach in Thailand

Thailand has hundreds of beaches from the east to the south. The question is…. If you can pick only one, which should it be?

I make travel guidebooks and love the part where I get to see the world and really appreciate the beauty of it. From flying on the private jet through mountains to walking on a glacier, the landscapes that I love the most are the beach and ocean, which there are plenty of in Thailand.

For the best scenic views I would rate White haven beach in Australia as the highest ranking. But in total for scenery, great snorkeling and its cheap prices I’m sure that Lipe island and its surroundings in Thailand are hard to be beaten!

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Best Place for Hot Air Balloon Trip


            If you search Google for the top 5 places to ride a hot air balloon, I am sure Göreme, Cappadocia, is at the top of the list.

            I had only been in a balloon once before I got a ride in the Göreme Valley; it was not an activity that I would put on my list of things to do before I die. It could not make the adrenalin rush out of my mind at all, not like skydiving, swimming with dolphins, or the chance to be on a New Zealand TV game show.

            Ballooning was a boring activity for me until I had a hot air balloon flight in Göreme. Göreme is an amazing place with striking landscapes, and it’s even more amazing when you have different perspectives from above and below ground.

            And can you believe it, it was half the price of my first balloon trip!

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