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First time to make Tom Kha Kai by Ayami.

First time to cook? No problem!

Our freestyle cooking event #4 , we had two new guest. First , she is a girl I knew from meetup , Ayami. She told me that she love to cook. But she have not tried to make Thai dish before. Second was Thai girl , Picha , who applied by meetup.com. Her profile told us that she loves to eat. But she have never cooked anything before. So it would be great to have two people who are interested in cooking in our group. As we formed our Freestyle cooking group for anyone who are interesting in cooking , not just for an expert. Let’s check it out how did they do!

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Picha and Ayami made their first dish together!

Stir fried baby corn with pork mince 101.

Stir fried baby corn with pork mince is a very easy and basic stir fried menu. The mixture between young corn , oyster , fish sauce , and egg make it delicious and friendly to be eaten(No spice). If you don’t like to eat vegetable. This dish might switch your perspective about veggies. And you could make it in less than 15 minutes.

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