beautiful Tachai island

Tachai is a hidden gem beach in Thailand that has just opened for public since 2010. It was added to Similan island group in 1998. So Tachai island is a national park property which means no resort or big building allowed to construct in that area.


To go to Tachai island , you have to go with a tour group(only). When I went there in 2012 , there are about four tour operators. I went with Barracuda , one of the best tour operator , which operate tour and boat to Surin island as well for more than ten years. I stayed in Phuket and got the tour’s minivan service to Namkhem pier for a boat.


As Tachai island is a part of national park. It is opened for public only six months per year which is from November to May. So the nature could have a rest from load of tourists that visit this island every day.


The beach is absolutely gorgeous with crystal white sand and blue stunning warm water. It is a heaven there! Even there are some people on the beach. But there are only few tour operators that were allowed to come here. So it was not as bad as other popular destination like Phiphi island or Phuket.


You could find your own spot in this small island , which has only one 700 meters long. But you could explore other part of this island that is a jungle.


If you are lucky enough , you would see some chicken crab or Pukai. But in this picture it was a big hermit  crab. Tour operator would manage everything for you including a walking tour , snorkeling , and lunch. Don’t worry it is included in the price you pay.


Good bye , Tachai island. Actually we didn’t want to go back. We would love to stay here forever. But to do that , authority would put us in jail! Arhhhh don’t want to leave!


Before saying good bye , there was a snorkeling activity that we could do it around Tachai island.


As you can see how clear water was. My camera was not a good one. But the picture was nice

by its perfect pretty nature condition!

Good bye , Tachai!


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