Swimming with dolphins in New Zealand.

I met my dream girl in Magnetic island. She was a beautiful 19 yo. German with 179 cm. tall who came with a group of friends to explore Australia during her gap year. She told me that one of her dream is to swim with dolphins in New Zealand!

Really? I hadn’t known before that we could swim with dolphins.

Actually she told me that we could even play with them. Well I guessed so , I knew that dolphin is a very smart animal. Maybe they even smarter than some people.

When I was in New Zealand. It was after I had heard a story of swimming with dolphins about two years. I thought I had to try my dream girl’s dream. Here is what I had got from that experience.


The Best place to swim with Dolphins in New Zealand.

Actually there are two popular spots in New Zealand that you could swim with dolphins. The first one , which I did a tour to swim with dolphins was in Paihia in “the Bay of island” area , is in the North island. The second one , which I did a day tour but not to swim with dolphin , is in Akaroa near Christchurch in the South island.

To swim with dolphins in Paihia.

I stayed in a tent at a campsite in Paihia near Waitangi. It was a cheap nice place to stay.

You might be told that The South island is more beautiful than The North island. Yes , I agree with that. But if you are interested in history. Waitangi in the Bay of island area is the most important place that had changed New Zealand history forever.

It was in Waitangi where Maori chiefs signed the treaty of Waitangi to let England manage this country. You could go to visit Watangi museum for more information. You could stay in Paihia for more accommodation’s choices. It is just about 15 minutes walk to Waitangi. And you could do a day tour from Paihai.


I did a day tour to swim with dolphins with GreatSight. It was quite nice. They brought you around to visit a place called “Hole in the Rock” and around.

"Hole in the rock"
“Hole in the rock”

We found groups of dolphins three times. But there was no guarantee that you could swim with them. It depends on what is their mood and if they have a little cup. It was a rule that you could not bother them.

I found out that dolphins is a very smart animal. As the first time when we jumped into the water and tried to play with them. They just ran away. The guide told us that we had to entertain them , not that they had to entertain us.


So the second chance as you could see in my video. We tried what the tourist guide told us exactly-entertain the dolphins. Then we were succeed to get their attention. After that they played with us. Be gentle! Make some noise! But do not touch them! I saw one white hand that tried to grab the dolphin. That was why dolphins left us early. Please don’t do it!

visit GreatSight ; www.dolphincruises.co.nz               Campsite ; www.kiwiholidayparks.com

To swim with dolphins in Akaroa.


Akaroa is another nice place in the South island that you could swim with dolphins. This small town almost was a French colony and New Zealand was almost be managed by France-Blame the French captain that he didn’t success to do it!


If you decide to swim with dolphins in Akaroa. You would have a chance to swim with Hector’s dolphin , the smallest dolphin in the world. I did swim with dolphin in Paihia before. So I just had a cruise with Black Cat Cruise to see things around. It was nice as well.

Check out : www.blackcat.co.nz

Noted : I have just found out about a year ago that my hometown has some pink dolphins. Not sure whether you could swim with them or not. My hometown is Nakhon Si Thammarat in Thailand. If I go to that place. I will write about it with full detail. ^__^

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