Support Me

Of course!!! I still have to live and spent money for that reason. But I guess I have not got some kind of normal life demands as others at all.


  • I don’t care about having my own house, or a room in condominium so soon. (Now I live with my aunt )
  • I don’t want to have a car soon neither.
  • I don’t buy any new cloths , shoes or accessories at all.
  • I could eat street foods.

Most of my money I spend on foods , traveling  , and some gears like waterproof camera , DSLR , diving course , and things involved my works.

The easiest way to support my website is that to read it , and share it to your friends , relatives , or someone you love as many as possible. Then the mechanical of the web will work itself.

In the future , I might have some reviews on products I use and find out that it is very useful ,  good value for your money. Please noted that if I advertise something it means that I honestly love it.

Another source of income that you could support me are my pictures. You could buy a general picture for 1$ each, or 3$ each for my favorite pictures. You could use them for commercial or whatever your reason is. But you could not resale them without my permission.

Please feel free to contact me at petzztep3354 (at) gmail (dot) com if you want to buy some pictures from this website , or if you could support me in other ways I have not got the idea yet.