Spicy minced pork salad

Larb Moo (Spicy minced pork salad) 

Spicy minced pork salad is one of a very nice delicious dish of E-sarn cuisine. It is not only gives you the taste but also it is a non-using oil. So you could enjoy it as much as you could without worrying about caleries!!!


8 Serves


- 1/2 kilo. minced pork

- 1 bundle of kitchen mint

- 5 shredded shallot

- 3 shredded coriander

- 3 shredded spring onion

- 10 dried chilies

- 8 shredded kaffir lime


Added Seasoning 

- 4 tbsp. toasted rice powder

- 2 tbsp. ground dried chillies

- 3 tbsp. lime juice

- 3 tbsp. fish sauce



1. Put minced pork in the small pot to boil with small amount of water and leave until the minced pork is cooked.

2. Then bring the cooked minced pork into the plate, add shredded shallot, shredded spring onion, shredded coriander, shredded kaffir lime and mix together. Also, seasoning with lime juice, fish sauce, toasted rice powder, ground dried chili and a bit of sugar.

3. Decorate the dish with some kitchen mint, dried chili on top and served with fresh vegetables and sticky rice.


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