Sense of cooking.

Like a sense of humor , I just knew that there is a sense of cooking as well , when we organize our freestyle cooking event #6.

What do I mean by a sense of cooking? Well , I have to confess that I had a look through internet for recipe and method. Then I picked what I think it was the best. I applied some of these and some of that for ingredient.

But I had picked only one method from one website. And I found this recipe….


The main focus on this recipe is chicken meat which it was written that we had to use half a kilo of chicken with 3-5 cups of light coconut milk. But this recipe had not stated how many serve for this amount of ingredients.


So I predicted that for 8 people. We had to use one kilo of chicken and it must be 6-10 cups of light coconut milk. I decided to use 8 cups as it was in between.

Well well well , I followed method of this website strictly. Then when I have to put the light coconut milk in. I told Yoshi to measure 8 cups of light coconut milk. But Johan who stood around there said “Wowww 8 cups is quite a lot”


That was when my sense of cooking worked. Yeahhh 8 cups would be equal 2 liters. And that was a lot. I looked in the pot which I had already put 2 cups of dense coconut milk in. Then I decided it should be 800ml. instead of 2,000ml. And all other seasoning we use had to be adapted!

It was a huge risk to change recipe while you cook. But I trusted my sense of cooking and I was really really glad that everyone enjoyed this dish. And now I already written massaman curry recipe by myself as the recipe in that website was totally wrong.( by mean of 800ml. instead of 2,000ml.)

Sometimes something might go wrong. Don’t believe of anything or anyone easily. Sometimes ,you have to trust yourself or your sense of cooking !

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