Selçuk Town (Ephesus), Turkey

       Selçuk is the central town of İzmir Province in Turkey. The ancient city of Ephesus is just about 3 kilometers (1.5 mile) northeast of the city.

Besides the Ephesus archeological site, there is much more to see in this area. The city has a long and interesting history dating back from The Roman Empire to the ancestors of the present Turkish people who rule the country- The Selçuk Turk.


(The Bizantine aqueduct runs along the main streets of the city, this is the spot where you get off the train.)

Having won the battle of Manzikert over the Byzantine, Selçuk Turks dominated this land and spread their power and Islamic religion into other parts of what is now present Turkey.

Many ruins in this city were dated back to the Byzantine period.

It would take you at least a day to visit all of the ruins from the Byzantine, and another day on Ephesus archeological site. After this you could move on to other places of interest such as Pamukkale or Izmire, as this city is a transportation hub.



What to See & Do in Selçuk Town

Of course Ephesus archeological site is the main attraction! But there are many other remarkable ancient places to visit in this city and you could complete them all together in one day.



Looking at the map, you can see that places such as the Temple of Artemis, Ephesus Museum, St John Basilica, İsa Bey Mosque, and Turkish bath ruins are all within a short walking distance.

If you want to go to the places like the Virgin Mary House or The Cave of Seven Sleepers, you have to take a taxi and that would cost you about 60 Lira.



I tried to save the cost of expensive transport so I rented a motorbike for 40 Lira/day. Gasoline is about 10 Lira or if you want an even cheaper option, you could rent a bicycle for 20 Lira per day.

However, it seems to be almost impossible to go to the Virgin Mary House by bicycle, so you could explore this city at your own leisure.

I put a red mark for the location of the motorbike rental shop on the map.


 Hotels & Guest Houses

Selçuk has a lot of choice of boutique hotels and guest houses. You could check it out easily using Agoda, Booking.com or Airbnb. Most of the accommodation can be found near the train station or bus station. It is a beautiful city and you should try to spend a day or two here.



This city center is not that big, there are various kinds of foods at many restaurants on the main street. When you arrive by train or bus, the stations are located quite a distance away but foods are everywhere in between.

There is a good mix of both cheap foods and fancy restaurants, so you should take a walk around for 15 minutes to check it out and get to know the place. There is a big weekly market on Saturdays just north of the Otogar (bus terminal).




To get to the city, you take a train from Izmir or Denizli. Another option is by bus which it is the most widely available mode of transport of the network, you could come and go from here and reach most other cities in Turkey.

The bus station is about 15 minutes’ walk to the train station.

It is just a short walk to get around Selçukut, but if you want to visit Ephesus, Virgin Mary house or The Cave of the Seven Sleepers, you will need transportation.

There are no public buses running around this town, but you can take a minivan (Dolmus) from the bus station to Ephesus. To take a minivan to Pamucak will cost you 3Lira, and it will drop you off at the entrance of Ephesus. Other minivans would send you to another far away spot.

Other options to explore around are by a local tour operator, taxi, motorbike or by bicycle from a rental shop. I did took the best option for me and rented a car from Troy.





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