books2In Thailand , the sale of hard copy books still higher than an Ebooks ( A.D.2014). But a few years ago , when I entered in a hard copy book business. I knew that it was dying. I planned to join this business for 5 years since then. But I found out that it would be dead in these 2-3 years.

Actually my real goal is to make an English Ebooks. But at that time I just grabbed any chance that could let me traveling and making money at the same time. As a matter of fact , I was supported by the Airlines to travel as well in exchanged of some pages of advertising in hard copy books.

It was not bad huh? And it could bring your offline readers who have not found you on the internet to get to your website directly.


Right now I have already got six books , the first is Naked Sydney , then New Zealand and Taiwan guidebooks. After that I established my own company , which have already launched Phuket and 50 Best restaurants in Bangkok. My company books have many discount coupon of shops , tours , and restaurants , which lot of them have non expiring date conditions to use. You could buy them in bookstores around Thailand , just show them these pictures.

turkey cover

My latest book that would be launched in June 2014 is Turkey guidebooks. All of my books are in Thai. There might be some more Thai books coming out from me. But now my focus is on this English website , and I wish that one day I would have my work sell international.

Click here if you want to know how I enter the book business with zero knowledge.

If you are serious on buying my books. Here are ISBN number of each books ;

Naked Sydney  ;   9786169047285
New Zealand Guidebook ;  9786169132011
Taiwan Guidebook  ;  9786169132035
Phuket and surrounded islands Guidebook plus lot of discount coupons  ;  9789747837001
50 best restaurants in Bangkok  plus 50 restaurants’s coupons  ; 9789747837018
Turkey Guidebook  ;  9786167894010

Each of them are less than 10$ in book stores with lot of beautiful pictures and design!

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