Pork mince and tofu vegetable Thai soup.

This menu is very easy and simple. But it is a very healthy menu as it is low fat with lot of vegetables plus protein. The taste is delicious and it could lower the spice level of curry. You could find that kids or Thai people who don’t like to eat to spicy food love this menu.


Ingredients for 8 serve.

  1. 400g pork mince
  2. 3 egg tofu
  3. 1 package vermicelli
  4. 2 chicken stock ready made + 7 cup of water
  5. 4tbs soya sauce
  6. 2teasb brown sugar
  7. 8 spring onion
  8. 8 coriander
  9. 4 oyster sauce ( to marinate pork mince )
  10. 4teasp soya sauce ( to marinate pork mince )
  11. 2teasp white sugar ( to marinate pork mince )
  12. 2teasp black pepper ( to marinate pork mince )
  13. 1-2 lettuce
  14. 1-2 carrot
  15. 1 package Wakami ( Japanese seaweed )



  1. Put pork mince and mix it with seasoning. Marinated it for at least 15 minutes.
  2. Clean spring onion and coriander. Then cut spring onion only about 3 inches from the route into one inch a piece , coriander cut only 2 inches from the route each for half inch.
  3. Cut egg tofu about one centimeter for each thickness.
  4. Clean lettuce and cut it for a mouth piece. Clean carrot put it in the flower press , each thickness would be half centimeter.
  5. Put water and chicken stock cubes in the pot , heat until it boil.
  6. Make marinated pork mince as a round mouth piece. Then add it into boiling water.
  7. Wait until it boil again. Then add egg tofu , cut lettuce , and carrot.
  8. Turn the heat to medium level. Add soya sauce , brown sugar , chopped spring onion , vermicelli , and coriander.
  9. Wait until it boil and turn off the heat. Add Wakami and wait about five minutes before serving.


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