My top10 places to visit in New Zealand.

It was a coincident when the plane from Sydney to Bangkok had an engine problem. They delayed the flight and gave passengers a free coupon tickets to spend money while waiting for a problem to be fixed.

I was in that flight. After I spend money for lot of foods in Sydney airport and had know idea what else should I pay for the rest. I went to book store and bought the New Zealand guidebook , wishing one day I could go to New Zealand.

After I had that New Zealand guidebook for about two years. I had a chance to travel in New Zealand for three months for my TV. project. But my experience turned out to be my first traveling guidebook in Thai.

I have been to many beautiful places from the top north of North island down to the south until Dunedin. Here are my top10 places to visit in New Zealand.


1. Queenstown , South island.


Queenstown has a good combination of adventurous activities with a beautiful nature. Big mountains , blue river , and pure nature were all around. That was why , there are many spots using as “The lord of the ring” filming’ scenes.

The Bunjy jumping was invented here. I stayed with host in Lake Haye area which was very nice place near Queenstown. You would never get boring in this town!


2. Thermal city , Rotorua. ( North island )


Once you come to Rotorua. You could tell that this is a thermal area. There are gas and smoke in your eyesight everywhere , in the park or at the car park. It is different and unique. I love it.

You could walk around the city to see what under earth has an effect on the surface. But if you want to see some more amazing area. You have to pay for an entry fee for a place , such as , TePuia , Wai-O-Tapu , and Waimangu. These three are the best in town!


3. Great Exhibition Bay , Cape Rienga.( North island )


I was very lucky to have a chance to visit the most pure and beautiful beach in New Zealand- Great Exhibition Bay. Thank you very much for Cheryl and Karl to let me have that experience.

If you were not travel by a host network like I did. You still have a chance to visit a place nearby which is a pink beach , or a white sand beach at Rarawa beach. These two beach you could easily access by a car.


4.Milford Sound , Te Anua. ( South island )


New Zealand has a reputation about pure nature and beautiful landscape. Home of “The lord of the ring” movie was picked properly.

Milford Sound is one of the most popular destination in New Zealand. There are many tracks that you have to book ahead for a months before coming here.

If you are not interesting in trekking. There are many nice sight seeing spots along the way from Queenstown to this places. I did a one day trip with Kiwi discovery tour. It was nice to see all around even I want to spend a lot more time to some spots. But it was a lot cheaper to do it with a tour!


5. Road from Wanaka to Queenstown. ( South island )


Let’s the picture tells the story. I love the beauty of New Zealand’s landscape. It was unique and amazing. If you want to see something like this you should take Cardrona Valley road from Wanaka to Queenstown. Pick the sunny day to travel on the road!


6.Glenorchy , near Queenstown. ( South island )


Glenorchy is a small town near Queenstown , about 45 kilometers. This place was filmed by a movie like “The lord of the ring” and “X-Men”. The road between Queenstown and Glenorchy was absolutely beatiful. I had to stop the car many time to do a photographing.


7. Fox and Franz josef glacier. ( South island )


You might be amazed to see the beautiful beaches in Thailand. But for us , we have never seen something such like a snow. People love to see what they have not seen in their country. So Fox and Franz josef glacier are our must visit destinations in New Zealand.

Yet the fact that they are unique in descending from the Southern Alps to less than 300 metres (980 ft) above sea level, amidst the greenery and lushness of a temperate rainforest. You could just walk from the car park to the glacier in just 30 minutes.

But be careful , my friend of friend was died during my trip by trying to get a short cut in Franz Josef glacier.


8. Bushy beach , Oamaru. ( South island )


I love to see penguins. They are cute and sometimes act really stupid. That is why Oamaru is on my list. It is a penguin’s places. There are two penguin’s colonies in this city. One of them is The Yellow eyed penguin which was granted protection under the U.S. Endangered Species Act.

The estimated population number of The yellow eyed were just 4,000. It was a pleasure to know that you could come here easily to watch the world rarest animal for free!


9. Road from Queenstown to Oamaru. ( South island )


Another stunning beautiful scenic view road in New Zealand is the road from Queenstown to Oamaru. Take the road No.8 to Alexandra , then change to no.85.

You could see lot of mountains and colorful wild flowers.


10. Mount Eden , Auckland. ( North Island )


The inactive Volcanic crater in Auckland attracts many coaches and tour buses every day. Mt Eden is the highest non-manmade point in Auckland, and provides good views in all directions over the city.

The majestic bowl-like crater is 50 metres (160 ft) deep. The volcano erupted from two craters 28,000 years ago.

The only bad thing about this place is that you have to walk a long way up from the train , or you have to spend money for a tour agent to come here if you don’t have your own transport. ( It’s New Zealand baby! )

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