My top10 beaches in Thailand.

If you love beach. Thailand is the place that you have to be. For more than a hundred beaches , many of them are absolutely beautiful , good foods , and very low cost of living. That could be the reason 26.7 million visitor arrivals in 2013.

I was born in the south of Thailand , where most of the best beaches are. It was a hard job to rank the beach. I spend some times to pick photo from load of nice beaches pictures.

Here is my solution of my top10 list.

1.Lipe island , Satune.


It could be the number one beach in the world considering that it has beautiful crystal clear water , white silica sand , lot of sea animals ,and many spots to snorkel.

There are a long soft corals line that you rarely find out in other places in Thailand. You don’t have to be a diver to experience these beauties ,just snorkel and you could see them all around.

Strength : Beautiful and far away , not many tourists.

Weakness : One of the most expensive place in Thailand but still cheap compare with the cost of living in Western world.


2.Yongling beach , Trang.


If you don’t like the crowded and love to explore some secret nice places. Yongling might be your number one beach. As you have to enter the cave , walk a little short distance in the dark. Then the beach is in front of you.

When my friend and I went there , there was no one else except us for about an hour. We own the place , swam around , lay down on the sun , and my friend took of her top off.

Could you imagine how nice it was?

Strength : Nice , quiet town. Not many tourists.                               Weakness : There is no nightlife at all.


3.Tao and Nangyuan island , Suratthani.


I love Koh(island) Tao and Koh Nangyuan not only because its unique beauty but also the chill out atmosphere there. It was my first trip by my own backed in 2007 and it was awesome. Now I have been to Koh Tao and Nangyuan three times and still want to go back there if I have a chance.

I broke up with my ex girlfriend there. But I still love Koh Tao and Nangyuan until today. ^__^

Strength : I love that there is special rule to protect fish here. So there are many kind of fishes around these islands.

Weakness : Now both island are quite popular. You might find that it is super touristic in some area.


4.Tachai island , Phangha.


Beautiful shade of water colors could stop your breath. Tachai island still be pure as it was opened just about four years ago. You could visit here for a day trip. It is not a big island that you could walk around in about three hours to explore all around.

Here you could find a hard to find- chicken crab.

Strength : beautiful and pure.       Weakness : It is a national park area which only a day trip available from around Nov. – May.

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5. Surin island , Phangha.


One of the big island with nice big forest . Surin island is a national park area as well but you could come and stay here as long as you wish during opening season(around Nov. – May.)

There are two island and about ten snorkeling spots. You could relax and enjoy nature here as there are only national park’s accommodation which are tents and about 20 houses available.

You should book in advanced in a high season.

Strength : Pure with big forest.

Weakness : Limited facility and most of coral were dead due to the rising of temperature but still have some beautiful spots to see.


6.Similan island , Phangha.


Beautiful stunning scenic look out on the big rock could boost Similan to the top rank easily. It is one of the most popular national park area in Thailand. There are nine island of Similan island group. But there are only two that you could stay in National park’s accommodation.

Strength : One of the most beautiful island in Thailand.

Weakness : Too many tourists during the day time.




Do you know that Phuket is an island. It is the biggest island in Thailand. Phuket is very popular with tourisms and business as it is located in the center of other nice area like Krabi and Phangha.

The cost of living here is even more expensive than our capital city-Bangkok. I like that Phuket has various kind of stuffs available. You could go to a nice beaches in day times , eat at nice fancy restaurants , and go clubbing at night.

Strength : Big city with nice pretty beaches.

Weakness : Crowded sometimes.

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8. Koh Chang , Trat.


If you plan to go to Cambodia from Bangkok. You must stop by Koh Chang. It is just about five hours by bus from Bangkok. Then from Koh Chang to Cambodia is about nine hours by bus.

Koh chang has a big forest with some nice beaches. But beaches here is not as pretty as beaches in the south of Thailand. But I love that there is not many tourists. You could feel the adventurer’ spirit when you rent a motorbike and explore this island.

Strength : Nice forest with beaches.      Weakness : Not as beautiful as the south.

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9.Phi Phi island , Krabi.


Maya beach is popular when the movie “The beach” came out. Don’t worry that there is no shark attack in Thailand for more than ten years. They made it up in the movie!

Yes , it is pretty. But it was in my top five list as there are too many people who come to visit this place every day. You could find your own space like in this picture if you walk to another side of island. Most of people would come and stop for a picture. But only two girls in the picture would climb down and swim.

Strength : Many nice beautiful spots.    Weakness : Thousand of tourists come and visit this place every day.


10. Lanta island.


Lanta island could on the top list of tourists. It is beautiful and quiet. This big island is in Krabi. If you are a diver , Hin Deang Hin Muang is the popular one in Thailand.

There is no white silica beach here. But there are some beautiful beaches with quiet atmosphere. Come to relax and enjoy your time here.

Strength : Quiet and it is a big island. So you could explore around. One of the best dive spot is here.

Weakness : No white sand beach.

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