My top 10 destinations along East coast, Australia.

Seven years ago I made the decision to quit a routine job and begin my journey around the world. I had no idea that I would start with the continent ‘down under’.

Australia was quite far away from my country and in my imagination it was a world away. But at last I ended up hanging out with the laid back Aussies who could kick back and chill out all day amongst beautiful nature and I had the unforgettable experience of host networks.

I love Australia and I would without a doubt go back there anytime.

This was the longest journey I had taken in my life and for three months I lived in one of the most attractive but expensive countries in the world. I travelled from Cairns where you can snorkel in the longest reef in the world (The Great Barrier Reef) to Tasmania, a small island at the bottom of Aus where the Tasmanian Devil originally came from.

Here are my top 10 favorite destinations and activities along the East Coast of awesome Australia.



1. White Haven Beach , Queensland.

I was born in the south of Thailand, surrounded by picture perfect beaches. My first sport is swimming and I will never be bored of spending my time on beaches and in the ocean.
I was pleasantly surprised by the stunning scenery and the beautiful view from the lookout over “White Haven beach” part of the Whitsunday islands group. I have never seen anything like that before in my life.
There is a whole range of different shades of blue and turquoise waters surrounding the Whitsunday Islands, in contrast with the golden yellow sand dunes. The colors are striking and the water is so tempting, only one word “AMAZING” could describe the surroundings. I love it there and could have stayed for as long as they let me.



2. New Year in Sydney , NSW.

It was loads of fun hanging out with friends to celebrate the coming of the New Year back in the 2011. It was my first time to celebrating New Years Eve outside of my own country, it was awesome and I didn’t feel homesick at all. The firework display in Sydney harbor on NYE is fantastic and it is in the top 10 ranking in the world.

I was really happy to have learned from my local friend, the secret spot to get the best view of the show. I hope it will not change so I can share this tip and you guys can find the same spot to experience the best New Years Eve in Sydney like I did.



3. Sydney’s beaches , NSW.

I lived and worked in Sydney for nine months, so of course I have been around a bit. In my opinion, Sydney has plenty of nice beaches and all of them are easily accessible by public transport- bus or train.

I’m not a surfer so I didn’t worry too much about visiting the notorious Bondi beach and I didn’t write anything about it either. I learned that if you walk just a few minutes away from Bondi Beach, there is a pretty stunning little bay called Bronte Beach, as shown in the picture above. I took an early morning bus after I finished clubbing and I sat and enjoyed the sunrise and took this amazing photo from an automatic camera.



4. Moreton island , Queensland.

Fancy a one day trip to an island close to Brisbane? I didn’t expect to visit this island during my journey as it not that popular amongst tourists. At the time I just wanted to find something to do during the quieter days in Brisbane city.

There it was, a pretty beach with snorkeling and an exciting shipwreck. I found a secret room through a guy who pointed at me and said “Have a look under that shipwreck’s room ” There must have been a thousand fishes swimming inside. I chased them around until I felt dizzy and it was because of this that I ranked Moreton as my no.4 favorite spot along the east coast of Australia.

 See VDO



5. Magnetic island , Queensland.

Forget Koalas in the zoo, you can find it here in Magnetic island. I wanted to find the real wild koalas outside the cage and Magnetic Island is the best answer for that. You can see the real life Koalas hugging the gum trees almost all day round. Moreover, I visited this place to dive in one of the best spots in Australia, the SS Yongala Shipwreck. It was a shame that the weather was bad and the visibility was too low to dive. I’ll just have to go back to do that dive trip again soon!


6. Fraser island , Queensland.

The white sands and the huge areas of crystal clear water have boosted up the tourism of Fraser Island in recent years. You will be surprised to hear that you can drink water from this lake. Yes, Lake McKenzie is a freshwater lake, not saltwater.

There are lots of activities and things to do on this huge island, such as sitting back to enjoy the bus ride along the coast, or taking a private plane to see the view from above and spending time relaxing or swimming at the lake. I would highly recommend that you stay overnight.



7. Tasmania devil , Tasmania.

Alright, you might say that I am slightly addicted to the beach, so I want to shift to a state that has a reputation as “A nature state” as written on the car registration plates (true!).

I love Tasmania because it balances beautiful scenery with a little bit of cold weather. The Kiwi who was my tour guide told me that the landscape here is quite similar to New Zealand. And it’s also home to one of the most fascinating animals the “Tasmania Devil”. It was hilarious hearing the story about the infamous little Tassie Devil, can you guess where their name comes from?



8.Bird Watching!!! The little blue Penguins @ St.Kilda beach, Melbourne.

I love penguins. They are a kind of animal that you could never find in tropical countries. St.Kilda beach is very close to Melbourne, another place that I have very fond memories of.

You can go to St.Kilda beach easily by tram, just about 30 minutes away from the city centre. Then you can find the little blue which come out of their nests hidden in the rock at the pier from around 6pm onwards. If you are lucky enough, you might see them parade. And it is free!!!



9. Whale watching at Hervey Bay , Queensland.

The most popular spot to watch whales on the East coast of Australia is in Hervey bay. It was exciting and fascinating as the whale came up close to our boat. I have never seen the whale before, but I was not nervous at all. All I had to worry about was protecting my camera as the waves came crashing down and the boat was unstable.

Be ready if you want to take a good photograph, the whales are huge but they flip fast. Don’t miss the shot!!!



10. Bicycle trip to Woolongong , NSW.

Woolongong has an interesting blow hole and nice beach for surfing. I didn’t surf but I did enjoy taking my bicycle on the train from Sydney and it was just a few hours away by train. I really enjoyed cycling around Woolongong for a daytrip.

At the end of the day, you can sit around the beach and enjoy your time watching people surfing and admire the beautiful sunset on the beach.


How about you? What is your top 10 destinations?


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