My bucket list.

If you want to design your own life style by yourself. You have to make it more into an action. The best way to do it is to make your own bucket list.

It could be anything no matter big or small goals. If you just start to have your own bucket list. I recommend you to make 10 things that you think you could achieve in a week such as ,

- I will to cook green curry.

-I will make 10 basketball shot in a row.

- I will run 10 rounds nonstop.

- Etc.

Then check it every week! Cross all the list that you make them and write the reason on goals that you could not make it.


Example of my small goals of bucket list.                                             ( Check it every week )

- Go to gym and work out on Monday , Wednesday , Friday , and Sunday.

: Done.

- Play basketball on the day I have not been to gym. Go to gym instead if it is rain.

: Done.

-Meet new people in meetup.com.

: done

- Write one article per day.

: Failed , I have not done it on Saturday and Sunday.

- Organize free style cooking group.

: Progress , I will meet and talked to some people who are interesting in it and they might help.

- Find more people to help me write a restaurant review article.

: done.

- ETC.


The secret of short term goals are that you have to make it clear into action(e.g. I will run 30 minutes nonstop is better than I will lose weight) and it is the thing that you think could do it within a week. But you just delay it if it is not on your bucket list.

Good thing about small goals is that it make you familiar with achieving something. Then you will have more faith in yourself. This is the most important part of life. REMEMBER!

                If you want to achieve something big. First you must have faith in yourself.

My first book "Naked Sydney"
My first book “Naked Sydney”


Let’s keep doing this over and over. Trust me it would give you strength and power. Then you could do whatever you want.

After you check your small goals every week. Now let’s make some bigger goals and put it in your bucket list. These things you could achieve it within three to six months. So let’s check this every three months and see some progress. These list would give you more confidence. Then your big dream would be something that you really believe that you could make it happened!

Example of my medium goals of bucket list.                       ( Check it every three months )

- Have my own kindle Ebook in English.

: with helped from Etty Liu

- Do an awesome tours for free!
: Thank you for my sales experience. I could convince tour operators in New Zealand and Thailand to give me a free tour in exchange of advertising them.

- Get a big company advertising in my first book.

: My Phuket book could sell adverts to Canon and AIS.

- Having a Thai website.

: With helped from Mr. Tosak.

- Having an English website.

: Thank you for many editors and my partner Mr. Folk and Miss Som who did help me a lot when I started this website.

- Get a dive license.

: about 5 years ago.

- Being a food taster.

: One of my big dream. I achieved it after I have a nice profile of making 4 books.

- Have chance to know lot of international friends.

: A good chance I could meet new international friends is by host networks.

- Join nice concert , Hoobastank , Oasis , Red hot chillie peper , Fat boy slim , etc.

: I joined all of good concerts mostly when I were in University. In Thailand , you could not make money at all if you are not graduated from university. So I was proud that I could save up to join nice concerts.

- Beat young kids in basketball games even when I am 30s.

: More over than keep the body fit. I sleep about an hour before playing basketball games. That is my secret.

- Rent accommodation on Airb&b

: I was given up on this goal about two months ago. But today I got an offer from friend that she want me to take care of her property and lend it on Airb&b when she travel.


Alright so now let’s move on to the big fish. After you cross many of goal from your bucket list. Now you should put your big goal ever in the list. It doesn’t matter what other people think about it. They might say you are a dreamer. But it is worth a try and it cost nothing. So let’s do it!


Here are sample of my big goal in bucket list that I already got.

- Taller than 180CM. (6″)

My dad is 170CM. tall and my mom is 160CM. tall. My plan was to drunk milk as much as possible. Actually I drunk a gallon of milk per day and play basketball as much as I could. I even skip some classes to play basketball! Thank you mom to support my milk cost. I got that height when I was 18. And now I am the tallest person among our 30 members of family.

- Being healthy no asthma anymore.

I was born very weak. My mom told me that doctor had to put an oxygen respirator on me when I was three years old. And I still remember my hard time to had asthma every month. It was the really bad time of my life until I was 16. The reason I love basketball so much is because it stopped my asthma when I was 16.

- Quit routine job forever.

I had to have routines jobs about three years since I was graduated from University. But I plan to quit routine job forever sine I was 15 years old after I read the book , “Rich dad poor dad”.

- Live abroad about a year.

I went to Australia to live there almost a year by working holiday visa.

- Have international girlfriends.

Since I want to send my kids to NBA. So this is one of a serious issue. But it was started from my curiousness when I was a kid. One of the thing I really want to know was that why I saw many Western guys walk hand in hand with Asian girlfriends. But there were only few Asian guys who could date with Western girls. Finally I got an answer and I have done well in this two years.

- Making money by traveling.

I did it after I work for Mr.Adisak Chanduang ‘s company. My first book was a guidebook of New Zealand.

- Having my own business.

I did my first business that no parents got involved sine I was 19 years old. It was fun and exciting. Even I could not make any profit at all. But it gave me a lot of things to learnt.

- Making a book.

- Being supported from airline to travel.

- Being a model.

- Stay in nice hotels for free as a part of a job.

- Having photograph with successful people.

- Invest successfully in stock market.

- Have my own company.

- Do a Skydive. , Etc.

Being an armature model in Australian company.
Being an armature model in Australian company.


Here are sample of my dream list that I still working on it.

- Train my kids to be the first NBA. player from Thailand.

I trusted one of the Irish guy fairly enough to tell him about this dream. It turned to be a bullshit dream ever in his opinion. And it was that time that I unfriended him.

- Retire before 33.

- Having six packs before I am 33.

- Make $10,000 from my English website.

- Dunk.

- Many many more……

How about you guys? I am sure many of you have done a lot of great things. Please share your bucket list. And I would love to know and discuss about it.  ^__^

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