Mo-Mo-Paradise is an All-You-Can-Eat Shabu-shabu style restaurant which has been widely known among those who love quality meat and authentic Japanese-style Shabu dining. Mo-Mo-Paradise can be found in leading department stores throughout Bangkok. The first branch, which is opened in Central World department store, has been a convenient place if you want to enjoy Shabu Shabu style dining experience in the heart of Bangkok. There are now six branches of MomoParadise right now in Thailand: Central World, CDC, Terminal 21, Central Rama 9, The Promenade, and Central Bang Na respectively.


The highlight of the restaurant, as you may be able to guess easily, is the high-quality meat. They choose Kurobuta pork which are carefully sliced. The thinness of the pork allows you to enjoy the soup which seeped through the pork. The beef used in this restaurant comes from Australia and is also thinly and carefully sliced for your most enjoyable dining experience.


Apart from that, you can also enjoy the variety of hygienic and nutritious vegetables gathered from the freshest sources of the country. There are more than 20 kinds of vegetables, mushrooms, seaweeds for you to relish at your disposal.


Another crucial component apart from the beef and pork quality is the soups and the sauces which are all imported from Japan. It is claimed that they are the same sauce and soup as used in the restaurant in Japan. You can smell its yummy soup just by walking past the entrance of the restaurant.


There are three kinds of soup for you to enjoy here: Shabu Shabu, Sukiyaki, and Karamiso. The Shabu Shabu is the original soup which you can enjoy with the tasty sesame sauce and the ponzu sauce formulated by Mo-Mo-Paradise and directly imported from Japan. Sukiyaki is a black full-flavored soup with a fresh and hygienic egg dipping from a trustworthy source. The other one is Karamiso soup which is a Japanese-stye spicy soup served with Karamiso, finely chopped radish and Japanese chili.


You can choose to enjoy only one or two soup depending on your preference. The single soup option costs only 399 Thai baht, which includes everything except for the drink, desserts, and side dishes which can be ordered separately. If you can’t decide which soup to have, Mo-Mo-Paradise provides you with a mixed course (449 Thai baht), so you can enjoy two soups of your choice at the same time. There is also a Party Course (539 per person) which includes the Aussie beef, Kurobuta pork, chicken dumpling, Ramen, Udon, refillable drink, and desserts at your choice for 120 minutes.


For desserts, Mo-Mo-Paradise offers Daifuku, a Japanese confection made of mochi stuffed with sweet filling, in 7 flavors: custard, strawberry, black sesame, chocolate, matcha green tea, and red bean. The mochi texture is very soft, but a little too thick and too sweet for some. Another dessert served in this restaurant is the soy milk ice cream served in a very cute clay pot in a variety of flavors: vanilla, black sesame, and green tea. The sour and sweet tropical mango and plum sorbet is also popular among the frequent visitors here.


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