Make new friends by joining a dancing group in Bangkok.

Do you have a problem that you want to go to dance in the club and make a new friends but you travel alone? If you have that problem while traveling in Bangkok. I could fix it for you!

and this is my 7 ways to make new friends when I travel

                I have to thank you Sonia, the girl I had met in couchsurfing meeting , that she showed me this solution by brought me to a friendly fun dancing group in Bangkok. It was a Zouk dance around 10pm. It was really fun. Here are the reason why you should join it….

1. It is a fun activity and it is quite cheap. You could learn it as a beginner by buying at least one drink for a beginning class from 8-9pm.


2. It is full of nice good looking people. If you could not dance. But you want to see the new kind of experience. You could sit at the bar , buy some drink , walk around , and make some new friends like what I did. Some beautiful girls might teach you some basic moves like two of them taught me.


3. The drink are not expensive. So I could say that you could learn a beginner class for about $5. It is pretty cheap compare with the rest of the world , huh?


4. It is easy to get there , just walk about 10 minutes from BTS. Asok. If you want to try it. Here are the direction.


-Get off BTS. Asok exit 6.


- walk along this walkway until the end of it.


- Walk down the stair and follow the red arrow.


- walk along the road , follow the red arrow line.


- Walk until you see Sukhumvit soi18. The turn right into that Soi.


- The place named “La rueda Latin Club” is on your right hand side , just about 100 meters from the main road.


- on the right was their schedule. So there are Bachata , Zouk , and Salsa dance. You could choose whatever you like. I joined them on Wednesday after 10pm. which did not have detail in the schedule. It was a free style of Zouk dance. But if you want to learn a beginner class you have to be at 8pm. If you already known how to dance like Sonia did. You could come around 10pm.


This was what Sonia did that I could not do. So we(Me and one Netherland guy from couchsurfing) just sat and watched before having some conversation with new friends.


For more information : www.larueda-ds.com

Tel : Aoy 09-49426479  Email : aoybachata@gmail.com

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