Lipe Island Best Beach in Thailand

Thailand has hundreds of beaches from the east to the south. The question is…. If you can pick only one, which should it be?

I make travel guidebooks and love the part where I get to see the world and really appreciate the beauty of it. From flying on the private jet through mountains to walking on a glacier, the landscapes that I love the most are the beach and ocean, which there are plenty of in Thailand.

For the best scenic views I would rate White haven beach in Australia as the highest ranking. But in total for scenery, great snorkeling and its cheap prices I’m sure that Lipe island and its surroundings in Thailand are hard to be beaten!

Not only does Thailand have one of the lowest costs for traveling around, you also get nice sunshine , crystal clear blue water , lots of stunning coral, sea animals and great food at an unbelievable price!




How to go to Lipe island?



Koh Lipe is in Satune provice , at the southern tip of Thailand near to the Malaysian border. So you can easily get to the Malaysian border, rather than if you were traveling from Bangkok. There are many ways to get to Koh Lipe, these are as follows:

1. By ferry

The following companies operate boats in the high season (November to May):

  • Adang Sea Tours  operates three daily speedboats from 1 November to 15 May, leaving Pak Bara at 11:30, 12:30, and 14:30. The speedboats stop at Ko Tarutao or Ko Bulone. The journey from Pak Bara takes 90 minutes and costs 650 baht one-way, 1,200 baht round trip. If you book directly in Pak Bara pier, then it will cost 500 baht plus 20 baht entrance fee. Note: the boats stops in open water pier at Pattaya beach and 70 baht must be paid for water taxi to reach the coast. The boats leave Ko Lipe at 09:00, 10:00, and 13:30 for the return trip.
  • Bundaya Resorts  and Lipe Speedboat Company also operates speedboats from Pak Bara and Langkawi, leaving at similar times and costing the same as above.
  • Forra Speedboats  operates two daily speedboats from 1 November to 15 May, leaving Pak Bara at 11:30 and 13:30. The speedboats stop at Ko Tarutao. The journey from Pak Bara takes 90 minutes and costs 650 baht one-way, 1,200 baht round trip. The boats leave Ko Lipe at 09:00 and 10:00 for the return trip.
  • Satun Pakbara Speed Boat Club  operates a daily boat from Ko Lanta, leaving at 13:00 and stopping at Ko Ngai, Ko Muk, Ko Bulone, before reaching Ko Lipe at 16:00. The boat leaves Ko Lipe at 09:00 for the return trip. The company offers transfers to this boat from Phuket. The company also operates two daily speedboats from Telaga Terminal @ Telaga Harbour Marina in Langkawi, Malaysia, 42 km from Ko Lipe. These boats dock at the south end of Pattaya Beach. The boats leave Langkawi at 09:30 and 14:30 for the 60 minute journey, costing approximately 120 ringgit. The boats leave Ko Lipe for the return journey at 10:30 and 16:30.
  • Tigerline Ferries operates a daily speedboat to/from Langkawi, leaving Langkawi at 08:00 and arriving at Ko Lipe at 09:00, and returns from Ko Lipe to Langkawi at 16:00. The trip costs 1,200 baht. The company also operates a daily speedboat to/from Hat Yao Pier in Trang, leaving Ko Lipe at 10:00 and arriving in Trang at 12:30. The trip costs 750 baht. The company offers continuing boat service to Ko Lanta (1,500 baht total, arrives 15:30), and Phi Phi (1,800 baht total, arrives 17:00). For the journey to Ko Lipe, the boats leave Phi Phi at 08:00 and arrive in Ko Lipe at 15:30.

In the low season, there is one boat per day from Pak Bara leaving at 11:30.

Ferries are met by long-tail boats offering transfers to anywhere on Ko Lipe for an additional 50 baht/person (non-negotiable).

Health and Safety tip: Speedboats can often bounce off the waves at very high speeds and passengers can get quite strong jolts into the non-sprung seats, so persons with back or neck problems should not travel on the speedboats, but on the ferry. There have been reports of serious back injuries happening on the speedboats.

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2. By plane+minivan+Ferry

Satune province is a very small province. There is no airport but it connected to Hatyai city which is one of the biggest cities in the south. There are some airline services such as Nokair , Airasia , Thaiairway and Orient Thai airway. So you can go to Hatyai from Bangkok , then take a minivan service, which a lot of airlines offers as an option in the package. And the last transportation you have to take is the ferry from Pakbara pier.

3. By road+Ferry

Or if you plan to travel by road. You could drive or take the minivan to Pakbara pier from many destinations as show in the following picture:


The price varies from 5$ – 25$ depending on the destination you come from.  You can also take a minivan back to the same destination in the picture from the pier. (Price, destination and phone number are all included….very useful huh?  )

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