Lipe Island Best Beach in Thailand 3



1. Explore the island for free!!!   

( Sunrise beach )
( Sunrise beach )

Lipe has 4 beaches, but only 3 of them could be access easily which are Pattaya beach , sunrise beach, and sunset beach. The most beautiful white sand, and corals is at Pattaya beach. While sunset and sunrise beach’s main attraction is derived from their name with a more quiet atmosphere when compared to Pattaya beach.

( Dogs love Pattaya beach)
( Dogs love Pattaya beach)

All of these 3 beaches you could walk altogether within an hour. Early morning, you can wake up early to see sunrise on the sunrise beach. Then walk about just 20 minutes to enjoy the white sand, and different shade of watercolor at Pattaya beach. Here you can snorkel around as well. Then take a break for lunch or sunbath until about 5 pm. From Pattaya beach, it takes about 30 minutes walk to sunset beach to enjoy the sunset and finish your day.

( Sunset beach )
( Sunset beach )

2. Day trip for a snorkeling.


I totally agree with this information from wikitravel.org   “The reefs around Ko Lipe are largely intact; the 2004 tsunami had little impact here. Around Ko Lipe are some Thailand’s best reefs all within easy reach. ”

I have been to many nice beaches in Thailand. At the moment, most of corals are dead. But in Lipe , there are lots of nice beautiful soft coral which you could not find anywhere else by just snorkeling. This is the best place to swim and snorkel.


But the thing is that if you want to see the nice corals , you have to go out by a boat. You could not find some stunning beautiful coral near the beach here.

There are 2 options to snorkel. First one is cheaper and take shorter time for a tour. It is called inner island tour. While the second one would bring you further, more expensive but has more beautiful spots to stop. Here are both details.

- Inner island tour (I traveled with “Friend” tour)

It would take you to;

spot 1 : Koh Hinngam( Beautiful rocks island )


This island has some black rocks that are different from rocks in other part. Some people think they are beautiful. So they named it beautiful rock island. There is a cursed in Thai script to protect rocks from being collected by tourists who visited; it said that if someone get the rock from this island that one would die. The famous activity here is to stack the pile of rocks, the taller the better. Some people even pray or ask for a wish from these rocks.


Spot 2 : Jabung snorkeling spot.


The most beautiful soft coral from the inner island tour is at Jabung spot. There are colorful soft coral and they are everywhere. But the big problem for most of people is that this spot has a strong current. If you are not a strong swimmer, you have to stick with the rope line along the way. So you could not see the best part of underwater unless you dive down about 2-3 meters to see it. I found a big lion fish here as well. This spot is the best for corals of all spot in this tour.

Spot 3 : Rawi island


Rawi island has an amazing scenic view. You could enjoy the beautiful nature and white sand beach. I felt time had stand still. I wish I could’ve stayed over night but we were in a tour group, and we had to move on.

Spot 4 : snorkeling around.


The boat will take you around the island for some nice snorkeling spots and let you relax on the beaches. When you snorkel, you would see many sea animals especially clown fish which are easy to find. There are many corals and crystal clear water to enjoy at the same time.

I highly reccommend “friend tours.” Their contact information is below.

Contact us

Koh Lipe Thailand .com
Tambon Koh Sarai, Ampur Moung, 91110 Satun, Thailand

Call us: +66 894 645 854

From 10.00 AM until 18.00 PM
Please respect the time difference if you are calling from outside Thailand.

E-mail us: shop@kohlipethailand.com

Do not e-mail us for bookings – we do not accept bookings by e-mail.

Snorkel Trips

From 550 THB – Everything included

Snorkel + Mask + Fins + Life Jacket

Lunch + Bottled Water + Fresh Fruit

Small groups – maximum 8 people

We only work with local Chao Ley (Sea Gypsies) captains who know the area well and respect the marine life.

- Outer island tour


I went with the charter boat which give you a full day tour for about 2,000 baht , maximum 7 people. You can bargain the price if you have a fewer number of people who join the group. Let’s see what would you get from this trip. Actually it is a charter boat , so you can tell them to go wherever you want to. The best spot are as below:

1.Beautiful spots around before you jump into the water.


Thanks god!!! This pure beauty is in a remote area. Many Thai tourists couldn’t afford the

long holiday so it is kept cleaned and natural. You might forget what you had seen before in Phuket and Krabi. Here it is super pretty and number of tourists should be half compare with that two.


The charter boat will stop and let you explore the nice small island. Many of them have crystal clear water as in the picture. You may swim and relax on the beach for a while. I was already satisfied even though I had not been snorkeling yet.


There are different colors of water reflected by the forest along the shore. This picture was taken by a normal camera; If I could share my memory, you will be able to see an even better picture.

2.Rokroy island ( Ko Rokroy )



Rokroy island is one of the most beautiful island on this tour. You could see how beautiful it is even from a long distance. You have to pay to get on this island if you come early, and some national authority was there. But my boat rider knew how to help me saved money. So we came later after their working hour , and we paid nothing.


One of the highlights on this island is at the back. You could walk in a short distance in less than 10 minutes. And you could see the whole panoramic view all the way back to Lipe island. This island is vey small, but its size is not what determines its value of true beauty.


3.Monkey beach


Don’t tell me you do not envy the monkeys on this island. They could enjoy a nice view , relax, had sex on the beach, or they could run into the jungle anytime they wanted. Some of them even know how to catch a fish. Please don’t give them foods as it will destroy their life cycle and create dependence upon human.

3.HinKong spot.


This is the best spot of all snorkeling spots around this area. It is also the furthest. Only few boats would stop here. Beware of the strong currents, and the water level here is quite deep. Be sure to wear a floating life jacket if you are not a good swimmer. Then you could enjoy the very beautiful soft corals down there.


There are lots and lots of many beautiful soft corals down here. I counted them and found out there were about 6 different colors. I still couldn’t believe it! I have not seen anything like this before just by snorkeling!

( Many colors of soft corals )
( Many colors of soft corals )
( Sea Slung between pretty soft corals )
( Big fish tried to hide but could not escape my eye sight )
( Big fish tried to hide but could not escape my eye sight )
( Different kind of corals )
( Different kind of corals )
( More colorful down here!!! )
( More colorful down here!!! )

4. Peung island.


                I was told that this is another good spot to snorkel. Unfortunately when I came the soft corals were not bloomed. But you could still see some nice hard coral, and various kinds of sea animals down here.

( Hard coral and white Sea urchin )
( Hard coral and white Sea urchin )

Enjoy the prettiest of the nature around Lipe island!!!!


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