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What about the accommodations?

Lipe is a very small island with only 4 beaches that you could walk around in just about an hour. The disadvantage of this paradise is the limited amount of land. It’s more difficult to find a cheap accommodation when compared to other parts of Thailand. Here, the most affordable basic fan room starts at about 800 baht. Meanwhile, the more luxurious one costs around 4,500 baht. I’ve stayed in both the basic affordable room, and the luxurious one.

The basic fan room is a standard room with bathroom included. I’ve also stayed in another room, and paid only 900 baht for 2 people (booking fee included). The name of this place is Lipe Gecko resort, owned by an Argentinean couple. This place is about 15 minutes walk from the entrance of walking street at Pattaya beach. If you’re a backpacker with large baggage, you should make sure you are in a good health condition for the trip. Our stayed was good and well suited for the price.

The more luxurious one resided in Sita beach resort. It located on the far left of Pattaya beach. From the pier, the boat is able to take you to the front of the resort where staffs will eagerly help you with your luggage inside. The price here starts from 4,500 – 10,000 ++ with breakfast included in all packages. At Sita beach resort, you may enjoy the nice view from the top or lay down on the soft sand in front of the resort.

In total, there are about 60 resorts and hotels on Koh Lipe. It is better to avoid the high season, or be sure to book it ahead of time to guarantee your trip at this beautiful quiet paradise.

( In front of Sita beach resort. )

Where to eat?


There is only one long walking street in Lipe island, where most of restaurants and shops are aligned along the walk way. You could notice this street once you get off the boat on Pattaya beach.

Note : Some other nice restaurants also set along the Pattaya beach , not only at the walking street.

(walking street at night , getting a lot more crowded than it is in the morning )
(walking street at night , getting a lot more crowded than it is in the morning )

Here are some example of foods and restaurants you could find at the walking street.

1.Turpilung , the nice pancake shop.


Turpilung is the most popular pancake in Satune province. It locates at the very front of the entrance of walking street. The shop opens in the evening. There are various choice of pancakes, and fruit juice starting from 40 baht.

2. Groceries, water, coffee, cheap food, and fruits.




Because this is an island, it had become a norm that everything on the island is extra expensive. Granted, due to extra cost of transportation to get the goods crossed the ocean, it’s quite logical to charge higher than on the mainland. For example a regular 7 baht water bottle may be about 15 baht on the island. Other junk foods is about 10 baht more, but you may still find some fresh fruit available from 20 baht onwards


If you really want to save money, there’s one shop that sells very cheap BBQ chicken but only sells in the morning at the conjunction of Pattaya road (about 15 minutes walk from the entrance. ) It was not bad at all, and only 10 baht per 1 BBQ stick, which is so unreal here.


The proper coffee starts from 60 baht , and ice tea starts at 40 baht. Add 1$ more for a general main Thai dishes. You would find it is not too bad compare with the price in your country even though Thai people complains about it. But don’t forget that you are in heaven on Earth!

3. Raglay seafood.


One of the most popular seafood restaurant, both for local and tourists, is Raglay( Mean love sea ) restaurant. It is about 10 minutes walk from the entrance of walking street. The seafoods here are extremely fresh. One of the shellfish menus is their highlight; they claim that it was rare, and you could find it only in few places. The restaurant is usually very crowded in the evening so early booking is highly recommended or visit the restaurant prior to dinner time to have a good seat. One meal would cost about 500++ per person.

4. Aroi Mexican.


Is it weird that there is only few number of Mexican restaurants in Thailand? And one of the the very nice one is on Lipe island. Aroi (delicious) Mexican is on walking street, next to Raglay restaurant. The owner shared his story that he met a Mexican-American chef. They became a good friend, and he taught all the secret of Mexican foods to him. Then here it is ‘Aroi Mexican’ on Lipe island. The meal here cost about 250++ per person.

Here are some information on wikitravel that I agree with ;


  • Banana Leaf, (inland). Serves average food, but drink prices are good and they play movies every night on a big projection screen.  edit


Most of the hotels serve food and drinks. In addition, there are several stand-alone bars:

  • Longtail Bar, Walking Street, near Pattaya Beach (look for the bar made from an actual longtail boat), ☎ 0896461082, [17]. 4:00pm-4:00am. LIVE MUSIC NIGHTLY! Opened in 2012 (same owners as Elephant Books & Coffee ), Longtail Bar is a one-of-a-kind live music venue where the house band (The Banana Band) plays Thai and English covers – and not just raggae – as well as original music, and where if you’re in the bar, you’re in the band – so feel free to grab a tambourine, maracas, flute, guitar or microphone and join in! Cocktail menu features classic and original Thai-inspired cocktails (try the Spicy Ginger Fizz, Lychee Splash, or Lemongrass Mojito), SangSom cocktails, unique shots, beer and wine. Original alcohol-free mocktails are also on the menu. And Longtail Bar is easy to find since the bar is made from an actual 10-meter long longtail boat! 50-300 baht.  edit
  • Cocktail Bar, Walking St (on the only turn on Walking St). This is the bar: rough and alive, open and racy. They have a long list of cocktails, all fresh, very tasty and cheap (all for 100 baht). That is the place to be if you want to improvise your night.  edit


Update February, 2014. We checked not 100% of places, but quite a lot and could not find any budget accommodations. All prices even for simplest bungalows for 2 persons start from 1000 baht. Average price is 1500 baht. Some resorts in Sunrise Beach have poster with prices 700-800 baht for a bungalow, but when you ask it appears 1000 and more

Pattaya Beach

  • Baan Kasirin 1, (on the path from Pattaya Beach to Sunrise Beach, 100 m from the beach), ☎ +66 84 3963567. Open Nov-May. Laundry service, satellite TV, mini mart.Fan room: 850 to 1,250 baht.  edit
  • Baan Porn Guesthouse, (behind Varin Resort), ☎ +66 84 3963567. Open November to May. Two rows of concrete rooms looking onto an open dirt lot. Rooms are clean, with comfortable beds and wooden cupboards. The showers are cold water only.Fan room: 500 baht. Air-con room: 700 baht.  edit
  • Barracuda Bar and Bungalows, ☎ +66 89 6544720, +66 74 712144. Open year round. Cheapest bungalows on Pattaya Beach. Chao Ley-run. Bare-bones bungalows right on Pattaya Beach. The bungalows are rustic with hard mattresses on the floor and grungy toilets. The management is friendly enough, with broken English spoken. Noisy.Fan bungalow: 300 baht; tent: 200 baht.  edit
  • Blue Tribes, (west end of Pattaya Beach), [20]. Open November to May. 13 spacious bungalows set around a garden. Some bungalows are right on the beach. There is a restaurant that serves Mediterranean “family style” cuisine and a nice reception/coffee lounge area that features chill music and serves fruit smoothies.Fan room: 1,000 to 1,500 baht; Fan cottage: 1,200 to 2,500 baht.  edit
  • Bonus Resort, (middle of the island, about 400 m from Pattaya Beach and 200 m from Sunrise Beach.). Open November to May.Cheap bungalows in middle of the island. There are about 20 fan bungalows and 3 family rooms set among the garden-like jungle. Balcony, mosquito nets, bed, bathroom inside. Electricity 24/7.Fan room: 500 to 800 baht; Fan cottage family room, 4 persons: 1,000 to 1,500 baht.  edit
  • Brothers Seaview Resort, (on a hill above an empty beach on the west end of Pattaya Beach.), [21]. Open November to May. Five sea views.Fan room: 900 to 1,100 baht.  edit
  • Bundhaya Resort, (southernmost resort on Pattaya Beach), ☎ +66 74 750248, [22]. Open all year. 80 bungalows. Fan rooms are in the back of the site and are grotty. Resort services include: snorkel and dive trips, mini mart, Internet, and laundry. There is a large open air restaurant and bar with a fantastic view of the beach. Breakfast is included. Decent exchange rates for major currencies.Fan room: 600 to 1,300 baht; Fan cottage: 900 to 1,900 baht; Air-con room: 750 to 1,700 baht; Air-con cottage: 1,800 to 9,000 baht.  edit
  • Cafe Lipe, (centre of Pattaya Beach). 5 cute all-bamboo bungalows with fans, mosquito nets and verandas. Run by Bee and Darius. Homey atmosphere, friendly people. Restaurant features shaded tables right off the beach and serves healthy food like home-made bread, muesli, yoghurt as well as Thai food, and the best coffee and muesli/yoghurt for breakfast with shaded tables right off the beach.Bungalows: 500-1,500 baht.  edit
  • Daya Resort, (west end of Pattaya Beach), ☎ +66 80 5082087. Open November to May. Several fan bungalows close to the beach. Exteriors are painted in bright, sunny colours and have verandahs looking out onto lovely gardens. Bathrooms have cold water only. There is a very popular seafood restaurant. It’s run by a local family, the Chao Ley fishermen who bring their daily catch up the beach and serve it in the evenings. Its quite a large resort with at least 20 bungalows or more. The family live at the top and bottom entrances so there is some security including the guard dogs. From this resort you can walk into the next one run by an Italian and have a great breakfast and pizza for lunch. One of the staff is called Bing and is a cool young guy, very helpful.Fan room: 1,000 to 1,200 baht (low season price 350 baht); Fan cottage: 1,200 to 1,400 baht.  edit
  • Handicraft Bar & Guesthouse, (Pattaya Beach.). Open from November to May. Bungalows are covered with psychedelic shapes in bright neon colours. Roomy beds, and outdoor showers. Rooms are open to the elements, but there is mosquito netting.Fan bungalow: 500 baht.  edit
  • Leepae Resort (Lee Pae Resort), (a few minutes walk west of the footpath to the centre and east side of the island.), ☎ +66 86 9407339, [23]. Attractively designed, with wooden clapboard siding and glass doors. Fan rooms are cramped, basic, and pretty grimy. Air-con rooms are more spacious. Most units shaded by trees, which helps with the heat. Room rates include breakfast for two. All air-con rooms have hot showers & cable TV.Fan bungalow: 700 to 900 baht; Air-con bungalow: 1,400 to 1,800 baht; Air-con beachfront: 2,300 to 2,900 baht; Air-con beach front family: 2,800 to 3,600 baht.  edit
  • Paradise Cottage Resort, (Pattaya Beach). Open November to May. 15 spacious bamboo bungalows with private bathroom, some directly on the beach.Fan room: 500 to 1,800 baht.  edit
  • Pattaya Song, (far west end of Pattaya Beach), ☎ +66 86 9600418. Open November to May. Incredible views. The concrete bungalows are particularly unattractive, musty and damp, with splotches of mould on the walls. The bamboo huts are quite a bit brighter and tidier. To get to your room, you’ll have to clamber over a maze of steps, stairs, and muddy paths. Open high season only.Fan bungalow: 1000 baht.  edit
  • Sita Beach Resort, (Pattaya Beach), [24]. Open all year. Lots of bungalows around a pool and more going up the hillside, a huge luxury development that is quite flash compared with the others.Air-con cottage: 3,800 to 20,900 baht.  edit
  • Thai Hut Resort, (300 m from Pattaya Beach.), ☎ +66 81 6081134. Open from November to May. Ten nicely-kept bungalows with good-sized rooms and small decks out front. No view. Air-conditioned and fan rooms. Restaurant on-site.Fan room: 800 to 1,290 baht.  edit
  • Varin Beach Resort, (middle of Pattaya Beach, next to the path to Sunrise Beach and the village), ☎ +66 74 728080, [25]. Open all year. 100 bungalows in many different sizes. All rooms have 24 hour electricity, big windows, en suite bathrooms, towels, and a private terrace with chairs. The beds are reasonably comfortable and the pillows are divine. Longhouse rooms are the cheapest, but there’s no soundproofing whatsoever. The air-conditioned villa has fridge and a TV with satellite channels. Resort services include Internet, massage, bar and restaurant. Air-con room rates include breakfast of fried rice, eggs, fried noodles, fruit. Villas have hot showers.Fan room: 600 to 700 baht; fan cottage: 800 to 900 baht: air-con room: 1,300 to 1,500 baht; air-con cottage: 1,500 to 1,800 baht; air con villas: 2,000 to 3,500 baht; family 4-bed room: 5,000 to 5,500 baht.  edit

Sunrise Beach

  • Andaman Beach Resort, (north end of Sunrise Beach), [26]. Open all year. Simple bungalows to exceptional with views. Quiet semi-private beach with gorgeous sunrisesBungalows 800+ baht.  edit
  • Adang Sea Divers, (behind Sunrise Restaurant, next to Varin Village), [27]. Open all year. Brand new bungalows: 5 small cozy double fan rooms. Private fully equipped bathroom with hot/cold shower, kettle for tea and coffee in the room, terrasse on the garden side. Bungalows are cleaned and towels are provided. The resort recycles its grey water and most of its wastes. Packages for accommodation and dives. Bungalows 1,200 baht.  edit
  • Castaway Resort & Restaurant, (at the south end of Sunrise Beach), ☎ +66 83 1387472 or +66 81 1707605 (lipe@castaway-resorts.com), [28]. Open all year, Castaway is a stylish and comfortable accommodation on Ko Lipe. It has 43 wooden stilt bungalows with large decks with hammocks, some directly on the beach. Hmong blankets drape over the roomy beds, and fabric lanterns hang in the corner of the rooms. Cold water showers only. The bar and restaurant serves BBQ, Thai, and Western food. It’s a nice place to chill out day or night with a cocktail. Also available are daily yoga sessions at 07:00 and 16:30.Bungalows 1,000 to 5,000 baht; house: 2,000 to 6,000 baht.  edit
  • Forra Bamboo Resort & Restaurant, (Sunrise Beach), ☎ +66 089 6731121, [29]. Open all year. 18 well-designed, spacious bungalows, built from natural materials. Every bungalow has one four-poster bamboo double bed or two platform-raised bunk beds with mosquito net and a large terrace and sea view. Some bungalows have a mezzanine floor with an upper window (for a good view!) and the option of a second bed. Each bungalow has a fan (electricity 08:00-10:30 and 17:30-24:00). Bungalows to sleep 1-4 people available. Advance reservations only accepted from divers. Restaurant serves home-made pizzas and cool drinks. Staff were indifferent and weren’t interested in doing their job.Bungalows: 800 to 1,600 baht with a 25% discount available on the bungalow on the days that you dive with Forra..  edit
  • Gypsy Bungalows, (next to Forra dive resort), ☎ +66 80 5976618 (gipsyresort@gmail.com). Open November to May. Two rows of thatched huts running off of the beach. Rooms are compact but attractive, with bamboo walls, big beds draped in mosquito netting, sunny open-air bathrooms. It can be a little difficult to track down management.Half-concrete/half-bamboo bungalow: 850 baht; Concrete bungalow: 1600 baht.  edit
  • Idyllic Resort, (South Sunrise Beach), [30]. Open all year. Contemporary concept resort. All rooms are nicely decorated and have a luxury finish. Resort services include a health spa, Wi-Fi, restaurant, and bar.Bungalows 3,950-6,200 baht.  edit
  • Tarutao Cabana, ☎ +66 74 732510. Open all year round. Managed by by Tigerline Travel — the operators of the ferry service between Lipe and Langkawi, Malaysia. The bungalows are well-constructed and there is 24 hour electricity and all bungalows have a private porch, all with daily towel service and Western breakfast at the restaurant. The air-con bungalows have hot water and satellite TV. The on-site Chao Lay Coffee Shop serves only halal food to accommodate Malaysian Muslim visitors.Fan bungalow: 300 to 750 baht; Air-con bungalow: 600 to 1,750 baht; Family room: 800 to 2,400 baht; Tent: 500 baht.  edit
  • Viewpoint Resort, (Sunrise Beach), ☎ +66 83 1933362. Open all year. one of the few Chao Lay-run resorts on Ko Lipe. Bungalows are built on a hill overlooking the bay, and some are a steep climb uphill and up stairs. The bungalows are pretty rustic and many have wide cracks between floorboards that can let in crawling creatures. Bungalows are outfitted with big beds with decent mattresses, fans, mosquito nets, and have Western bathrooms.Fan bungalow: 500 to 700 baht.  edit
  • Zanom Sunrise, (south Sunrise Beach), ☎ +66 87 4750494. Spacious and comfortable bungalows with fans (no air-conditioning) and private bathrooms (cold water only). The friendly local owners also run a restaurant there that is only open in high season (mid-November to mid-May). They serve breakfast, coffee, drinks, seafood, and Thai-style fried fish. A few plastic tables are set up on the sand.Bungalows from 480 baht in low-season.  edit

Karma Beach

  • Mountain Resort, (east end of Sunset Beach, northern tip of Lipe Island, facing the Ko Lipe/Adang channel), (reservations@mountainresortkohlipe.com), [31]. Most rooms feature hot water, satellite TV, a private deck, and spectacular views of the bay. 24 hour electricity. Breakfast included. Mountain Beach Bar offers drinks & massages on the beach. Discounted rates available for on-line reservations. Credit cards accepted.  edit

Sunset, Bila & Sanom Beaches

  • Bila Beach, (Bila Beach, near Sunset Beach), ☎ +66 80 5392056, [32]. Bila Beach is a secluded bungalow bar and bistro in the jungle on the sunset side of Ko Lipe. Accommodation includes 3 private bamboo bungalows and 1 dormitory. Free Wi-Fi and unlimited use of snorkelling gear is included in the bungalow tariff. Open year round.Fan bungalow: 1,000 to 1,500 baht;.  edit
  • Brothers Seaview Resort, Sanom Beach, (Up the hill at Sanom Beach, a short walk from Pattay Beach), [33]. Chao Ley owned and operated, and located on the hillside of Sanom Beach, with panoramic views of Pattaya Beach & The Andaman Sea. Brothers Seaview Resort is quickly becoming known as Ko Lipe’s secret little gem. Open year round.Fan Seaview Rows 1 & 2: 900 to 1,100 baht;.  edit
  • Fisheries Department Bungalows, (rocky end of Sunset beach), ☎ +66 87 4787958. Open all year. Snorkelling masks and fins can be hired for 100 baht. Six bungalows on the beach overlooking Ko Adang with attached bathrooms. Bungalow #1 has the most panoramic view. Talkative government employees that speak good English run the bungalows. The restaurant operates only during the low season.Fan bungalow: 250 to 500 baht.  edit
  • Porn Resort, (Sunset Beach), ☎ +66 89 4645765, [34]. Open from November to May. The only resort on Sunset Beach. One of the more quiet sleeping options on Ko Lipe. 29 fan bungalows in different sizes. Electricity from 18:00-22:00. All bungalows have thin mattresses on wooden platforms and a fan. Tent renters get use of bathrooms. Popular restaurant. Visa & MasterCard accepted for a 5% fee. Porn means “blessing” in Thai.Fan bungalow: 400 to 700 baht; Tent: 150 baht.  edit


  • Baan Kasirin 2, (middle of the island near the intersection, about 400 m from Sunrise Beach and 600 m from Pattaya Beach). Open November to May. Laundry service, Satellite TV, Internet.Air-con room: 1,350 to 1,650 baht.  edit
  • Chao Ley Resort, (In the Chao Ley Village), ☎ +66 74 728111(-2). Dive center. Popular with Asian tour groups.Bungalows: 300 to 700 baht.  edit
  • Pooh’s Bungalows, ☎ +66 74 750345, [35]. Open all year. Features popular bar and restaurant. Only 6 bungalows available. Accepts MasterCard, Visa & AmEx for 3% fee. Wi-Fi, Internet (3 baht/minute), pool table, dive shop, massages available. 15% discount for divers on the day they dive.Bungalows: 800 baht in low season; 1,400 baht in high season.  edit
  • The Reef, (centre island), [36]. Open 1 November-15 May. Located near Sunrise beach and is easily found on the hill in the centre of the island. 12 modern rooms are set around a garden courtyard and have access to a terrace overlooking the mountains of Ko Adang, the Chao Ley village, and Sunrise Beach. All rooms have air-con and hot showers.Air-con Room: 1,200 to 2,100 baht.  edit

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