life style designed by yourself.

Life is what you make  = Do you believe it?

Today I supposed to finish my lunch break in 30 minutes. But it turned out to be an hour and a bit as the movie that I never be bored to watch was on TV.- Forest Gump!

I watched “Forest Gump” more than 10 times. It’s not only because I like this movie so much but also I think there are many things I have a lot in common with Mr.Forest. That was enchanted me.

First of all , we were born in an abnormal physical condition. Secondly we love to see things in different way with others. And we have extraordinary nice life style.

The uncommon life style that I design it by myself!

What life style that most people want to have?

Being happy?

Yes , people do want to be happy. But how could you specific factors that bring you happiness? In my opinion I would categorized them into the 3 main parts which are….


- Money.

Our society use money as a trade of commodities and stuffs. That is why we called it currency. If you dated back to the stone age. Money is nothing. Strength and physical power would be more important. But as we have not got a time machine yet. So money is one of the most important part to your life style.

- Health.

If you know that you would die tomorrow. It does not matter how much money you have today! Money and good health seem to be controversial to have both at the same time. Most of people choose to have only one of them and ignore another.

- Love.

If you could have as much money as you want. Then you could spend that money in gym. You could have both wealthy and healthy. But you might not have enough time for another important thing in your life. It is people that you love.

What would it be if you could have anything in this world. But you are the only one who enjoy it!


Good news is…you could have all of three main happiness factors at the same time. All you need to do is to make a good plan by balancing it well. Then you could be whatever you want as your dream in a childhood.

    Read how I balance all of those factors and achieve my dream life style!

To make it clear and take it into action. You have to write your goals into the paper-the bucket list. It could be something very little like I want to have only one dish per meal or it could be as big as I want to be an NBA. player.

The most important thing is that you have to make sure you really want it. It is a real passion of you. Not just a toy that the kid cries for. Do make some of short term goals and some long term goals. Then check it every year. Cross some of goals you have achieved and put more goals you want to make it in the future!


Here are sample of my dream list that I already got.

- Taller than 180CM. (6″)

- Being healthy no asthma anymore.

- Quit routine job forever.

- Live abroad about a year.

- Have international girlfriends.

- Making money by traveling.

- Making a book.

- Have my own kindle Ebook in English.

- Do an awesome tours for free!

- Get a big company advertising in my first book.

- Having a Thai website.

- Having an English website.

- Being supported from airline to travel.

- Get a dive license.

- Being a model.

- Being a food taster.

- Stay in nice hotels for free as a part of a job.

- Have chance to know lot of international friends.

- Having photograph with successful people.

- Join nice concert , Hoobastank , Oasis , Red hot chillie peper , Fat boy slim , etc.

- Beat young kids in basketball games even when I am 30s.

- Do a Skydive. , Etc.

Check out my full bucket list and detail of how I did them!

I am still chasing many things that I dream of. I show you my bucket list because I want to make a commitment. I am sure many of you have done well and design your lifestyle by yourself.

Please show and share your case with me. And let’s learn together on how to design our life style by our self!

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