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One of the good things that traveling could give you is that it allowed you to meet new people. For instance, I met and befriended this one guy who is the top blogger in Thailand-Mr. Cookie.

Mr. Cookie loves apple and have an insider connections and information. Since he preferred writing in Thai, I’ve asked his permission to translated his latest blog update regarding the new iphone and post it here.

Here it is…straight from the original source….enjoy !!!

iPhone 6 4.7 / 5.5 Confirm : CookieCoffee & Foxconn

iPhone 6 Air 4.7 Inch will be shipping in July, while the iPhone 6 Air 5.5 Inch model will enter mass production in August. Foxconn also claims that it will account for the 70% of all iPhones 6

According to Foxconn’s press release, the manufacturer of iphone, had stated as followed “Foxconn to Land 5.5 inch iPhone Orders

5.5 inch and 4.7 inch iPhone will be manufactured by Foxconn in 2014

and I, CookieCoffee would like to confirmed those claims because I’ve seen both the iphone 6 of two sizes as well as its case with my own eyes.


Cases of iPhone 6 Air 4.7 and 5.5 inch had been in mass productions in order to be ready for the release of both phones.

The iPhone 6 Air 4.7 inch will be the Flagship iPhone for Apple in 2014 and will start the shipping process in July before its official release in August. It will be in stores Worldwide (including Thailand) around September to December.

The iPhone 6 Air 5.5 inch will be undergoing a mass production in August 2014 and hits the market in early 2015.

The unique part about the 4.7 inch model is the on/off buttons will be moved to the right side of the phone, while the bigger model will not have neither of the buttons…


The official statements of Foxconn regarding iPhone 6 Air is as followed:
“MUMBAI, India – June 2 2014

Foxconn, world’s leading manufacturer of computer components and systems is going to manufacture both 5.5-inch and 4.7-inch iPhone in 2014.

According the sources, Foxconn will supply 70% of the 4.7 inch iPhone shipments for 2015.

The 4- and 4.7 inch iPhones will be the main sales force of Apple for 2014. Foxconn’s plants in Zhengzhou, China are expected to start supplying the 4.7 inch model in July

and start manufacturing the 5.5 inch one in August”


The first picture was compared with large bottom of Singha drinking water, the one comparing to a Starbuck’s cup is a resuable/recyclable with equivalence size to Grande [16 oz / 473 ml].
iPhone 6 Air 4.7 is still able to use with one hand because it is smaller than Galaxy S5

But iPhone 6 Air 5.5 inch model is not one hand friendly and may not even use the name “iphone 6” in the market.
Personally, I believe that Tim Cook intended to market iPhone 6 Air (4.7 inch model) as a flagship merchandise even though the 5.5 inch model will also be release into the market in early 2015. [Simiarly, if we compare it to the samsung, Galaxy s5 would be considered flagship merchandise, while Galaxy Note 4 is the merchandise for special market.]

The source of the Case in which I’ve obtained is classified…


6 7

But what I can confirmed is that there are multiple deals in Thailand being made between Apple Inc & Partners, it is possible that the release of both models may be quicker than it has been in the past, if not the same date as the first release with first world countries.

On the release date of iPhone 6 Air, should this Thai blogger stands in line in front of the Apple Store UK, Apple Store Japan, or others in the EU country? :-)


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