Khaoboon temple cave-Kanchanaburi


Kanchanaburi has so much to see. Our two-day trip was not enough to explore the whole city.

In the evening of the first day, after having learned some local history at the death railway and museum, we just wanted to get away for a bit by riding a motorbike out of town.

click here if you want to know how to come to Kanchanaburi.


About 20 kilometers from city we found a beautiful temple cave, called Khaoboon, purely by accident! It was surrounded by trees, which provided us with nice shade on the way there. We had a great time and the entree fee was just 20 Baht! (Other caves cost at least 40 baht)

There is no public bus up there so if you want to go to this place the only way is by riding or driving your own transportation.


The temple cave is underground so to access it involves a bit of walking up and down.


The temple and cave are one in the same. There are so many Buddha images!    We did not see a single Western tourist when we were there.


You can pray and do a stick fortune-telling inside the cave, and there are nice, easy walks around the six different cave rooms.



The total distance was about a one kilometer walk. There are many things to see!



This room was special for us because when we entered, there were lots of bats flying around. We tried not to distract them but I still managed to take some pictures of them. Look what is above Nicola!


There are many rock formations, which you can find only in the cave.


After leaving the cave, if you keep riding along the hill till the end of the road, there is a nice lookout over the River Kwai. This is an attraction I had heard about and a reason people come to Kanchanaburi, to see the river, mountains and jungle.

You can sit and take your time as long as you wish. It’s totally free!
You can sit and take your time as long as you wish. It’s totally free!



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