It must be Glenorchy.

If I have to choose a place to stay for a chill out and relaxing, to sit on a chair and enjoy the nice superb view , for a week in New Zealand.

It must be Glenorchy!


Glenorchy is a small town closed to the big city Queenstown. You could stay in Queenstown and drive to Glenorchy in 40 minutes , just about 45 kilometers away.


On the way there are many beautiful sceneries that I did stop several times to take photograph. It was a very nice ride with not many traffic.


From pictures I took , it was almost summer time. So the snow on top of mountains was almost gone. You could see the only white on the top of mountains. But I am sure if you drive on the same road in different season. It must be totally different with all white snow covering the mountains.


Another nice option is that the water from the lake Wakatipu was absolutely clear with undisturbed human activity. It is perfect for a short of reflection.


It should be just 40 minutes drive. But I stopped many times. So it took me about hour an a half for a ride.


You could even park on the side of the road. Then take a short walk down to the river. And do whatever you like , swimming or sit down and enjoy. I saw only few tourists on the way.


There are nice greenery farms along the way. I love the contrast between greens , brown , and white.


Here we are at Glenorchy. This is a popular spot for taking pictures. It is the only bridge in this town.


Beautiful Glenorchy huh?

The town is very small that you could walk around all around in just half an hour. There is a spot where they took a film “The lord of the ring” not too far from here. You could ask some locals. I am sure they would love to help.

Enjoy the beauty of Glenorchy and quiet nature!


The road to Glenorchy….This picture is a featured on my New Zealand guidebook cover.

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