How to pick the best host?

          Thanks facebook ID : Kit viva un. Who send the question ” How much work we have to do in exchange of foods and accommodation in Helpx and WWOOF? ”

          Well , my answer is…It is depend on each host. If you get a kind and gentle host. Sometime they just need you as a company. But some host they considering you as a cheap labor!


          Helpx and WWOOF is quite different for type of works that I could categorize them as :


WWOOF ‘s jobs are mainly farm jobs such as weeding , feeding animals , picking fruits , and gardening. I have never had any experience in wwoofing. But some of my helpx hosts use wwoofing as well. So I could say that I had an indirect experience of wwoofing.


Helpx’s jobs are various. That is why I love this network. You could work on a yatch and travel to a nice beaches as a crew ship or you might work as a cook in a 100 years old house of business people. I think this kind of works attracted me more than limit myself in only farm jobs.

The most important part to answer the question of ” How could we get an awesome jobs?”

Well , it is about your profile and how you choose the host. If you have many nice review but you pick the wrong host. Nightmare could happen to you as well.

Let’s see and learn about how to pick the best host.

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Profile’s example of host No.1


There are details of location and type of works. But there still have not got detail of working condition , how many working hour , and deep detail of works. More over , it seems to convinced people to come for extending a second year visa of working holiday visa.

In this case , you have to be careful and read on other helper’s reviews on this host.


Profile’s example of host No.2


This was the kind of job that most of people are looking for. I did contact him as well. But that time I had not got any review yet. So there was no reply from this host.

You could see from his requirement. It was very clear about working conditions and he stated directly that there might cost you some money if you want to be his helper. I think it is the best to make everything clear without hidden agenda that might cause problem later.

If you have decided on which host who suit you. Another important filter process is to read reviews of that host. For me , if I don’t want to take a risk of getting a bad host. I would consider only the host who have more than 5 reviews. So you could know your host from more people’s point of views.

The good or bad experience of what helpers get show on stars. From one to five , if there are only five stars from 10 reviews. I would consider that host to be an awesome host. But how about if he/she get only one or two 3 stars out of 5 stars from 10 reviews? I think in this case , you have to read helper’s profile which has a review from the host as well.

Some helpers , they are just too wired or antisocial. So read opinion from both sides would give you a better decision.

Review’s example of host No.1


one 4 stars , two 5 stars , and one 1 star. What does this mean?

If you read reviews , you would understand that the person who gave 1 star review was a girl who traveled alone. And this man might do something like harassing. But for other helpers , the host might not do this kind of thing as helper might come as a group or it was not appealed him enough to do it.

You might have to make a decision that you might get a good experience with him if you go as a group or you might leave this case.

Review’s example of host No.2


5 stars review but it was the only one comment.

In this case , it might not give you enough information as it is the only opinion. You have to sense it by host’s profile , his statement of working condition , and read helper’s profile.

Then the rest is depend on your luck!


I recommend you to look around. Some places like Australia , there are hundred of hosts. So you could choose your host carefully. Make some contact but not to commit yet until you are sure. You could expect that good preparation gives you a better result. I always exciting of the idea of traveling to a new place and knowing a new host. It might change your life forever as it happened to me.

So good luck on your road that has not only have beautiful sceneries but also a warm welcome from awesome hosts around our planetz.

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