curry and rice

How much do things cost in Thailand?

I’m sure you have heard before, that Thailand is really cheap- almost everything here is affordable, even for those who are short on cash. But how much do things actually cost here?
Has anyone ever showed you how much products and services in Thailand cost? If not, this article is for you. I can show you pictures of some of the most affordable things, with details of their cost. I will update this regularly when it is possible….
OK have a look, and maybe you might want to live here forever!


Let’s start with foods, something that everyone loves about Thailand!
1. Street foods.


street foods

This is the way most locals eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. We dine out almost every day because it is cheaper to eat out than to cook at home, especially for the younger generation.
The places we eat are often out on the street; actually there’s usually an area on a pedestrianized pavement. It varies from vendor to vendor but some street food stalls might be temporary, and serve only in the morning or at night.

That is why we call it street food; the restaurant is simple with some basic tables, chairs and cutlery. You could find this kind of restaurant all over Thailand and there’s not much of a fixed cost to open this kind of business.
So……It is super cheap!!!!!
Let’s see what you could get and for how much?


pad thai sukhothai


kuayteaw narm


kuayteaw hang


2. Curries and rice restaurant.

curry and rice

This type of restaurant is quite similar to street food but these feature pre-cooked curries and stir fry, and let customers pick their choices to be served on rice.It’s the same way American’s eat fast food but there is more vegetable options available for you here.
The cost really depends on how many dishes you choose and which selections you pick. A plate of tasty food will usually be around $1-2.



This one is called “Kaw Kluk Kapi” which includes rice fried with a special kind of little prawn, sweet pork, chopped omelet, red onion, some other vegetables and fried egg.

Mobile street food shop.

You might notice that the mobile shops mostly sell Somtum (papaya salad). Somtum or Papaya salad is very popular in Thailand, it is a Thai style salad which tastes very good and is low in calories.
It is a mix of papaya with little dried prawns, peanuts, tomatoes, lemon or tamarind juice, fish sauce and palm sugar, which is smashed in a wooden mortar to create an aromatic paste.
The taste is packed full of fresh flavours, which are sweet, sour and salty, and it doesn’t use any oil. I miss Somtum every time I travel abroad; I wish I could get the ingredients together to make it next time I’m abroad.


3. Sweet shops.

kanom bueng

Kanom is what we call snacks or sweets over here. This one in the picture above is called “Kanom Beung” which is a thin powder with white cream, the red surface is a coconut mix with small prawns and the yellow is sweet egg.

kanompung ping

Toast with Thai style toppings which vary from sweet to salty and spicy, and are usually accompanied by a drink of milk. Toast cost $1-1.5 .


Kanomwhan, or Thai desserts, differ greatly from Western style sweets that you may know.
Sweet coconut milk is the main ingredient in our delicious desserts, and a mix of sticky rice or durian or etc. Another difference is that we use a variety of fruits to put in our desserts.



Lukechoop is another Thai dessert but it’s not as sweet as some of the others. It is made from bean and is made to look like fruits or animals shapes. Kids love it!


Roti or pancake which is made in an Indian style, is also very popular as a street sweet. It is basically a pancake mix with egg, condensed milk and sugar. You could also add banana but expect to pay a little extra. This kind of dessert is very sweet and costs from $1-2.







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